When I’m With You…


Heavy rain breaks out on the way back to Clarines and Zen and group take shelter at a nearby inn and stay the night.

Obi picks a host of romance related topics to tease the Prince with. They also meet a girl by the name of Trow who is an old acquaintance of Obi’s. She asks for his assistance secretly that night to track some rich guy’s son who had ran away from home.

Mitsuhide wakes during the night and notices Obi’s absence so he alerts everyone else.

Trow and Obi nearly finish up the job but unfortunately Trow slips, and falls off a tall building. Obi manages to rescue her but they’re both cut up and bruised from the fall. giving them some time to reminisce about old times.

Zen eventually finds Obi and gives him a good scolding. Trow sees that he’s changed a lot and lets him go. On the way back to Clarines again, he says that he’s not interested in the life before he met Zen and Shirayuki.


Not quite the start of a new arc that I was hoping for. It felt, and likely was, a filler episodes in between arcs so the audience can take a breather. Even so, it didn’t waste any air time and delved into Obi’s elusive backstory of the times before his entrance into the story.

Maybe no one will share my sentiment, but I feel there are some people in anime that you are fine without knowing their backstory. In fact, some that I prefer it to stay a mystery to add a certain mystique. Obi was a little like that for me, luckily for my sake, Obi looks to agree and also doesn’t care much about his prior ‘business’ before Zen and only a little was divulged.

So he worked in some, what seems to be anyway, shady business beforehand, but had a good group with him. Which is nice to know, and possibly there may have been some romance with Trow, though of course that’s all in the past and he’s clear that he’s not going back.

Obi was only half the episode though, as ever since I mentioned about the Kiki and Mitsuhide pairing the anime has been constantly throwing hints of that very relationship left and right. I think everyone wants them together. Though I’ve been thinking, if they do end up together, wouldn’t that be trouble for Zen? For example if they put the safety of each other first and Zen second? Though, from what Mitsuhide is asking in his relationship criteria, he is looking for someone devoted to Zen, so I’m probably worrying about nothing.

And if there’s any relationship development, this anime can’t do without Zen and Shirayuki development. Fairly clear now that they’re a couple, and the Obi teasing draws out the best from Zen. How a chat about one girl can break even the sturdiest of people, it’s quite cute and very amusing to watch.

By the standard of the last couple of episodes, this one has been quite relaxed comparatively. It’s nice to see everyone back together again and we’re in for an interesting obstacle for Shirayuki and Zen’s romance as marriage is the next topic. We’ll find out if Zen truly meant his words from before he left Clarines soon.