Blog 6th birthday - Digimon

A blink of the eye
Another year gone by

Never thought I was quite a poet but that just came out naturally, someone probably already said it before but who cares.

Last year, I wondered how long I could keep my blogging up, and whilst it has been another busy year, I’ve still managed to keep going. Though, I’m beginning to take more and more responsibility at work and it’s becoming increasingly busy. I’m barely managing to find time for my anime, especially in the last two to three weeks. Hence why I’m frantically blogging everything in the last two weeks during my easter holidays at home. Not that I have much to do anyway so it’s a good relaxing catch up without needing to think of work for a few days.

Also, I thought the Digimon picture was quite appropriate with the series’ 15th anniversary and also my 6th, sorta appropriate anyway. Point is seeing as I’ve gone through my top five anime as celebration pictures, I’m gonna figure out the rest of my top ten list and I’m pretty sure Digimon will be a part of that list somewhere. I’ll think of my other top ten next year.

I guess the biggest highlight of my year was my trip to China where I was taken to the hospital and was bedridden for about five days. I have to say, definitely my worst holiday to date, but oh well, I’m all better now. Otherwise things have gone fairly standard. I have one more exam left to qualify as a chartered accountant too, so hopefully all will go well for that in July.

That said, it means for once in the last few years I don’t actually have exams for the Spring/Summer anime season. I don’t start my course until mid May, and even then this exam is not something that can really be revised for. Point is, my blogging should continue as normal, and hopefully my workload won’t pile up further and I can keep it at a reasonable level.

So, back to blogging I go, the new anime season blog will hopefully be up by next week at some point along with catching up on Shirayuki and Assclass and also my upcoming SOTW. I’ll get there.

And as always, thanks to all those who still remember and come by my humble blog now and then. Even if there’s only a few of you around, it makes my blogging worthwhile.