The Spring of Intent Will Quench Your Thirst


With marriage proposals coming in, Izana decides to hold marriage interviews for Zen. But Zen doesn’t intend to find a wife and so rejects them. Haruka however forces him to at least meet with one person for an interview, so Zen chooses one from the list. Tthe person happens to be Kiki, and it’s held under the pretense of a marriage interview to keep that thought ‘alive’. Turns out that Kiki’s father’s a count.

Shirayuki knows about the interview and isn’t taking it well. She doesn’t know it’s Kiki as her name is kept secret to preserve Kiki’s job as Zen’s attendent. So, words of trying to comfort Shirayuki from Obi falls on deaf ears.

Walking around with Kiki, Zen remembers back to how she and Mitsuhide met. Which was at a ball, then during a Zen vs Kiki sparring match Mitsuhide mistook Kiki for a guy for a while before realising otherwise.

After the ‘interview’ Zen hears from Obi that Shirayuki knew about it but Obi didn’t tell her it was Kiki, and he rushes off to clear the misunderstanding.

Izana later comes to visit Zen about the marriage proposal. And another determined announcement from Zen that he will make Shirayuki his wife finally gets Izana on his side.


So when I heard about marriage interviews I was kinda expecting some big drama to blow up from Zen to Izana. Although maybe I should’ve known better with Zen’s normal obedience, although he did sorta disobey him before due to Shirayuki. Either way, there was no drama, hmmm okay a little bit, but everything was settled fairly easily.

For a moment when Zen noticed a name on the list that was interesting I thought it might actually be Shirayuki considering Zen’s announcement to Izana. I thought maybe he took it seriously and was nice for a change, but I forgot that status has to come in at least at the first stage of these interviews. Of course we knew this was coming eventually, the status part that is, but I was hoping that Izana might see past at some point. Though it seems like he may finally start to recognise her as a potential sister in law. Wonder what’s changing his mind, Zen’s determination or Shirayuki’s determination… or both?

Marriage interviews aside, Shirayuki showed yet again how strong she is, holding out and trying to struggle on with everyday life even fully well knowing the love of her life could be snatched away at that very moment. Again though this anime makes her human, yes she’s strong enough to try and ignore it, but any normal person no matter how strong will be affected and she certainly was. I’ve emphasised this many times, but it’s what makes Shirayuki lovable.

The main part of this episode was more backstory to our cast. This time it’s Kiki featuring Mitsuhide. Which further suggests the romance there is heating up slowly, more suggestions than actual solid hints. Still, we got to see how the two met, doesn’t seem to be on the most pleasant of grounds, but nonetheless still friendly.

I also feel that another part of Kiki’s role in the anime is as a comparison for Shirayuki. Kiki is very much leaning towards the ideal strong woman type of character. She’s calm, independent, an unprecedented fighter and still has the looks. When those two are put side by side, Shirayuki still appears extremely feminine having normal worries and often showing signs of weakness. Doesn’t mean I don’t like Kiki, in fact thanks to all this development around her she’s going up and up on my favourite character list. Nothing wrong with an idealistic independent person, it just gives the heroine a comparison.