End of Term Time


Gakuho is unsatisfied with class A’s performance over class E at the festival and would’ve suggested underhanded tactics such as food poisoning.

After the year of competition with class E Gakushu has come to his own conclusion that you do not improve by beating the weak and disagrees with Gakuho’s philosophy. But whilst Gakushu may disagree, Gakuho brainwashes and becomes the teacher for all of class A to be motivated only to beat class E with term end tests around the corner.

Gakushu finally makes a stance against his father’s methods and even asks for class E to take the top spots in the exams so that they can crush his father’s educational philosophy. But of course, class E wasn’t planning on losing anyway.

Koro visits Gakuho later and when asked why Koro wanted to be a teacher he answers with his own question. He believes there are two reasons why someone would want to become a teacher, one is if someone wants to pass on their success, the other is if someone wants to pass on their failures. He asks which is Gakuho’s reason who doesn’t answer.

The exams come round and the battle begins once more with the questions much harder and greater in volume. But using everything that Koro and themselves have taught each other, it looks like they’re at least managing to deal with the questions.


It would appear that Gakushu has finally seen the light, or rather the darkness in his father’s methods. There are more than one way to win, and there are right and wrong ways to go about it. Gakushu is an interesting character, with his dad’s mind adamantly set on his methods, you’d think Gakushu would follow suit. But it seems his dad taught him differently, i.e. to have a mind of his own and to grow up his own way.

This is of course where the disagreements come from. After living through his losses against class E he’s realised that he’s learnt a lot from them and actually, kicking someone when they’re down and taking candy from a baby doesn’t really do a lot for your own strengths. There’s definitely some good lessons to be had from that, and actually, bowing to old enemies for help isn’t a bad thing. It’s all part of growing and becoming stronger yourself.

But what makes me think, is why does Gakuho allow Gakushu to think for himself. Even during his brainwashing sessions he purposefully makes Gakushu leave before he starts whispering in everyone’s ear. Is it because he understands that to become stronger you need to beat someone who is stronger and he’s waiting for his son to stand up to him? Is it because it’s his son? Or is it simply because he believes that someone who has his own blood running through him and was also taught by him will get by with ease even being left alone? I felt it was an interesting interaction between father and son.

And speaking of interesting, what was more interesting was the slight glimpse of Gakuho’s backstory, perhaps the root of his philosophy. Now that would be an interesting story. As Koro said, there are two reasons that stand out for teaching, to pass on your success or to pass on your failures. The former would probably be the most common, who would want their successes to go to waste? You would want to pass it on for another generation to benefit. But the latter reason is the intriguing one, and somehow I feel that it very much relates to Gakuho’s reasons for teaching.

Anyway, we’re treated again with assclass’s unique way of dealing with boring exam story telling by depicting questions as monsters to defeat rather than a time skip. The only thing is that it used up a lot more time, but it did show how each of the students dealt with the questions. Entertaining as it was, I still felt it was a gimmick that, seen the second time, loses its effect a little. Ah well, I wasn’t expecting anything special anyway, I was just surprised they didn’t focus more time on how the preparation to the exams were rather than just go straight in and tell the revision stories during exams.

No matter, the important thing will be the results next episode and more importantly the reactions from it. I’m inclined to say that class E will put on a stellar performance, but who knows. I do feel however that Karma will either made it to the top, or come joint top with Gakushu. A loss for Karma wouldn’t feel right at this stage given coming second last time and also his confidence this time.