The Future Because of Who You Are


Zen injures his neck from a rug dropping onto him. Mitsuhide goes to look for the head herbalist for medicine but breaks open a vial of liquid and inhales its fumes as it smashes on the floor. The liquid happens to be a medicine with hypnotic properties and so he starts acting weird when he returns. For Mitsuhide, it seems that more of his loyalty to Zen is pushed out from the hypnotic effects.

Though his loyalty does get a little out of hand as he is around Zen around the clock and constantly nagging at him and being overprotective.

Meanwhile, Shirayuki researches into a cure and eventually brews the perfect medicine and produces a report that is worthy enough to pass her apprenticeship so that she is finally a fully fledged court herbalist.


I don’t think I need to spell anything out here, this was a very Mitsuhide focused episode. And if I’m honest, I half expected one to be around soon. Firstly because the series is nearing its end and is unlikely to start a new arc, and also with Obi and Kiki focused episodes we’re due a Mitsuhide one.

The unfortunate thing is after being treated to a cliffhanger that looked like Izana’s acceptance of Zen and Shirayuki’s relationship, we barely see her this episode. Well lemme rephrase, we see her as normal, but unfortunately no more relationship development. The only step forward is her becoming a fully fledged court herbalist, which is about time anyway.

I’ll be honest, this was the main thing I looked forward to and whilst I’m not unhappy to see a Mitsuhide episode, I am unhappy that after such a cliffhanger we get no additional comments from Izana and no relationship progression.

Also, the entire episode was extremely forced.  I mean, a neck injury from a rug falling on top of you? That sounds like it’s come straight from some silly comedy. Sure it’s possible for that to happen, but very unlikely. Seemed to me like a stupid plot device to then hypnotise Mitsuhide so he becomes this loyalty freak and Shirayuki can pass her herbalist test. The whole set up was too contrived for my taste.

Still doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the mad Mitsuhide moments. Though Obi’s teasing was as hilarious as ever and I found the Mitsuhide x Kiki scene quite sweet. Even if he was drunk on loyalty.

With the seemingly rushed and badly orchestrated way they gave out Shirayuki’s qualification, it would appear they’re trying to rush to another ending that’s neatly tied up with a ribbon attached. Unless it’s gonna end up being an ‘advertising’ ending where they just want you to continue the story by buying and reading the manga. I’m actually not bothered either way as I plan to read both this and Assclass manga when I finish the anime anyway.