I think it’s about time for another RWBY theme, don’t you think?

A few months removed from what is the best season finale I’ve personally seen in a while, I bring to you the first credits/ending theme to said Vol. 3 finale.

Goddamn, this song is epic. Dark, pulsing and rapid, it rises to a great climax at the end, growing from the slow, haunting choral part after the primary riff ends. The lyrics talk of despair, death and failure, so it’s to be assumed this song is from the perspective of the new antagonistic character introduced at the end of Vol. 3.

Overall, Vol. 3’s soundtrack is a standout compared to the previous two, not that those were bad, mind. Vol. 3’s OST seems to draw from a lot more genres, making every song very unique and interesting, so maybe some more will pop up here when the OST CD is released. Who knows?


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