Six years down, and I’m still here, I feel like I should say that every anniversary just to remind myself how long I’ve been doing this. Obviously blogging has integrated into my life seamlessly and it’s become something that I just need to do. Although depending on the episode and the anime, I’ve found that now and then it does become a chore, especially with work piling up high. Still, I would say at the moment only about one or two out of every ten blogs, I find annoying to write either because I didn’t enjoy the episode, I don’t have the time, or some other whimsical reason. I think that if the number ever dropped anywhere near five out of ten, then I should reconsider my blogging future.

The last six years of blogging didn’t seem long, but when talking about it, a long time has actually passed. I kinda want to reach double digits and hit the tenth anniversary before considering leaving, but hey, who knows what will happen in four years time.

This future contemplating comes at a time where recently I’ve also been thinking about my real life future. It’s dawned on me that once I qualify as a chartered accountant, a lot of doors will open. Will I take the one closest to me and stay where I am? Will I stretch high and try to reach a door in the sky? Will I jump off my platform, close my eyes and see which door I fall through? Or do I plan out my perfect route ahead and lead myself to the door that’s lit up at the end of my path? I don’t know is my current answer.

I kinda see why people sometimes take time to travel and ‘discover’ themselves. I have a feeling where I want to go, but, I really don’t know that well.

In any case, I’ll leave my inner battles inside me and move onto anime. I have my eyes on several new ones next season as I always do, noticeably is the Phoenix Wright anime. I still remember back when the game was first introduced to me by a high school classmate on a bus trip to a conference at a university. I picked up the game and got into it. However, we all know how anime from games tend to be, not many good ones out there. I look forward to it, but not holding my breath.

The main update I guess is that Shirayuki finishes and Assclass continues so I will be picking up another anime. My initial choice would easily be Phoenix Wright, but as I said, I’m not holding my breath, and I don’t want to be so critical of something I’ve enjoyed for many years, so I’m unsure. Although it looks likely the best, though I could also take the cheap way out and leave it at one blog with my last exam course starting in May.

Yes I’ve previously said that this is the first time I don’t have an exam during the Spring/Summer season for a while, that is partially right as the exam is in mid July, however we don’t receive any information on it until mid June. It’s one of those exams you can’t really revise for, but knowing me, I’ll be putting my head down regardless. I guess we’ll see if anything catches my eye focusing on the five below:

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal: Death Busters-hen

Sailor Moon III

The season adapted the Death Busters arc from the fifth and sixth volumes of the complete edition of Takeuchi Naoko’s original Sailor Moon manga.


Actually quite surprised to see a continuation, I knew it would be happening, but the last season’s end felt very much like an end. Still, seeing as I never saw the original Sailor Moon and didn’t think the first season of this one was that bad, I’m interested to continue on with this classic. And I have also just learned that this will be coming from the original manga as well.

Will I blog this – No


Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Second Season

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk

Continuation of Gakusen Toshi Asterisk


Fairly typical school battle anime, first part wasn’t that bad and I actually enjoyed it. So I’m happy to watch how the rest of it will play out as the tournament heats up. I kinda just enjoy generic fantasy school battle anime anyway, so I haven’t got much more to say for this one.

Will I blog this – No

Gyakuten Saiban

Phoenix Wrights

A rookie lawyer Ryuuichi Naruhodou stands up to save his defendants by proving their innocence from unusual cases!

Is the defendant guilty or innocent…? Believing his client’s innocence Naruhodou stands in court and battles his rival judges. With the word of “OBJECTION!” and limited evidence, Naruhodou makes a comeback when all odds are against him and seems like there is nothing more he can do. Don’t miss out on the comical episodes between him and his mentor Chihiro Ayasato, assistant Mayoi Ayasato, rival prosecutor Reiji Mitsurugi, and numerous unique characters! The anime also depicts the childhood relationship between Naruhodou and his friends. With the skills inherited from his mentor Naruho reveals the truth!


As mentioned before, this is the one I had my eyes on. I’m looking forward to this, but am reserved as it’s going to be an game anime, we know how that goes usually. Still, it can be very good, the only funny thing is the names as I’m so used to the English names as I never played the Japanese versions. Also the other thing is that I’m wondering what story they’ll follow, go back to the canon game story? Or create something new? I’d hope the latter, but I actually don’t remember the story in the first game, so either way I’m not concerned.

Will I blog this – Maybe



A shady bus tour of young men and women are headed to an elusive village called Nanakimura. A destination where people can partake in a utopian existence, free of the world’s obstacles… or so goes the rumor.

Heading deep into the mountains, the bus is carrying 30 different individuals, each harboring their own expectations and troubled hearts…

What they had arrived to was an uninhabited village with lingering, faint scents of life and it was falling apart.

Just what is the secret of Nanakimura?


Been looking around for an interesting sounding mystery anime that doesn’t involve any blood being spilt. I’m hoping it won’t turn into some murder mystery anyway, my mind flashes back to Another, that was a little over the top. Something like Haruchika last season would be nice, light hearted mysteries, but a little darker would be good, not kill kill dark, if you get what I mean.

Will I blog this – Maybe

Shounen maid

Shounen Maid

Chihiro is left homeless with supposedly no relatives after his mom died. As he worries about what to do next, his uncle shows up and plans to take care of him…Or is it the other way around?


Guy maids? Sign me up! Sounds like a show to chill to and get some laughs out of. Although the storyline sounds a little dodgy. Also sounds similar to Hayate, which I really enjoyed, so I’m willing to see this one out, and hope that it is what I expect. It was between this and that bear anime, Kuma Miko was it…?  I’ll still watch the bear one though, looked cute, this just looked a little cuter.

Will I blog this – No