My Story, My Path


Mihaya comes with a messenger from Tanbarun, who’s now a viscount thanks to his deeds during the Shirayuki kidnap arc.

The messenger is actually Sakaki who comes to deliver a necklace presenting the title ‘Friend of the Crown’ to Shirayuki from Raj. Izana then says that with this title, he’s not worried about Zen tarnishing his name by being with a nobody anymore.

Sakaki comes by later to deliver a personal letter from Raj to Shirayuki where he wishes her well.

Shirayuki wakes up before dawn and wanders out to the herb gardens alone. Obi was resting nearby and he pulls Zen out so the two can have a private meet up where they reconfirm each other’s feelings and move forwards into the future.


I think all of my teeth may have dropped out from too much sweetness in this episode. After being given an official title from royalty, it seems that even Izana is able to accept Shirayuki’s relationship with Zen as one that will not sully Zen’s status. He won’t be in a relationship with a nobody anymore, and so gets around that problem that’s been haunting them since the beginning.

With the title, it means now that she has a bit of social standing and probably won’t be pushed around as much anymore, although the extra publicity could be good or bad. Still, it’s nice to see that Raj is indeed a changed man by actually deciding to issue her with the title officially rather than keeping it as a ploy. I felt that Raj’s development came together neatly wrapped up after leaving Tanbarun, but actually, this gesture wraps it up even more neatly than before, he’s changed but, there’s definitely potential for growth.

The series has been great overall, I think you’ll find endless compliments from me on most of the episodes shown. The only thing I want to make a comment about is the ordering of the character development episodes and the major arc this season. Sure they’re following the manga, but they’re not going to continue like the manga. I feel that the character development episodes could’ve been tweaked in some way so that they could’ve fit at the beginning of the series.

Don’t get me wrong, the ending is actually fine as it is and the episode progression was also something I’m not complaining about in that it was bad, I just feel that after the huge kidnapping arc it felt weird to completely wind down with character development episodes as if the series would continue. Almost as if it’s edging us on to read the manga, which I said I will, so I’m not so concerned about it.

This series wasn’t anything epic, wasn’t anything that memorable if I’m honest, unlike Akame or an anime with a huge impact like Attack on Titan, but it was pleasant. Though attached with pleasantness is usually a very relaxed anime like a slice of life which in turn makes is less memorable. Of course there are exceptions, who doesn’t love Lucky Star, and for me this was an exception to pleasantness but being memorable as well. I guess that’s already evident as I’m going to read the manga, so then Shirayuki, I guess I’ll see you in the manga to see what other obstacles there are ahead.