So as you all know I play Blazblue, how is the song related to Blazblue you ask? Well, in a future gaming convention I’ll be attending there will be a Blazblue tournament but it’s on Chronophantasma whilst I’ve been practicing on Chronophantasma Extend. So I watched some combo videos for Izayoi, who I main for normal Chronophantasma and wanted to see how the combos differ and this is the song that was played in the background of one of the combo videos.

Not the song I’d pick for a combo video, but hey, it brought back some old memories and I thought this would be a good song for SOTW this week because I do really like Egoist. So enjoy, Planetes by Egoist.

Oh, and some trivia, the start of the song isn’t just random beeping, it’s morse code. See if you can figure out what it says, it’s quite touching.