Let Live Time


It turns out that apart from the maths textbook which he had lent out, Koro had memorised every page and answer of every other textbook and so solves the other three with ease leaving the real grenade book for Gakuho to open.

We now dive back in history to the time when class E was just a private cram school that Gakuho started where he only had three Ikeda, Mori and Nagai and Gakuho was in his ideal educational state where he wanted to strengthen these students. He understood then that everyone had faults and no one was perfect, but he wanted to make everyone’s strengths shine through.

The three students all make it to their first choice schools next. With that track record and Gakuho’s credentials, more and more people came to the school.

Three years down the line, he receives a call from Ikeda asking how he is. And since he’s going to be visiting around where Ikeda lives in a week, he thought he’d visit. Unfortunately to his horror Ikeda had commited suicide due to bullying.

If this is the result of teaching them to be good students then Gakho felts he’s done nothing. He decided to become strong and so he can teach his students how to be strong as well. He then opened the main school leaving the cram school there as a sign of his weakness. His teaching philosophy changed and realised he must raise strong students. For that he needed money, which leads us to where we are now as he took on Koro to gain more money.

Now staring at the barrel of defeat, Gakuho gives up and opens the book that would end his life. Koro steps in to save him. He knew this would happen as feels that the two of them are very similar. He also knew about Gakuho’s past and considers his ideals and Gakuho’s ideals from back then aren’t dissimilar. Gakuho finally accepts defeat and backs off.

As reward for doing well in the exams Koro does tell them another weakness, that he is pretty weak and can be held down very easily, if they can catch him to begin with…

Next up, we have a school drama festival and class E put out a very dark play which irks the rest of the school, but nobody cares about that. However it would appear a storm is coming this way as an all knowing Gakuho reveals to the audience that the military is preparing for something big.


Hmmmm, my first thought is to ask, can Gakuho actually dismiss Koro? After being paid so much money from the government surely they’ll have something to say about this. You don’t screw over people who control the country and get away unscathed. Though of course, Koro and the kids won’t know about this and I’m sure it won’t make for good viewing to have Karasuma remind Gakuho of their agreement and then for him to back off.

That said the whole grenades in a textbook plot isn’t really great viewing either as I mentioned last episode. It’s very cheap for an evil mastermind, and all the suspense it was trying to build at the end of last episode went up in smoke very quickly as Koro whizzes through the rest of the questions. A cheaper way of getting out of this plot, was it even meant to be thrilling to begin with? Probably not, feels more like a plot device to ‘smoothly’ transition the story to Gakuho’s backstory.

Onto Gakuho’s backstory then. To me it felt very hollow, yeah it explained the reason for his brutal teaching methods because he doesn’t want more of his students to become too weak to fend for themselves. But I didn’t feel anything from it. It’s like an Easter egg, you see a big chocolate egg in front of you and you’re disappointed because it’s hollow on the inside, you get what I mean.

I think the reason is it was told in half an episode and I don’t think that’s enough to tell us of the emotional impact that hit Gakuho. At least it didn’t really connect us to any of his old students so the whole thing felt empty. To me Gakuho suffered a loss and went mental over it. The backstory did the job of explaining his situation but I was hoping for a little more, I was hoping that it could bring some empathy out of me. It was far too short for anything in my opinion. So my opinion of Gakuho hasn’t really changed which is a shame as I was quite intrigued by his backstory when they showed that teaser when Koro asked him what he teaches for.

The second half of the story, where we’re back to assclass’s normal comedic antics, wasn’t that great either. Yeah it was funny, I got a few laughs out of it, but it was just fairly standard class E antics. Nothing really special about it and I’ve already forgotten what half of it was about.

Maybe my expectations have gotten a little too high, but either way not that of a great episode for me, still it did its job, if that was to explain Gakuho’s behaviour.