This week’s SOTW is inspired by some video game nostalgia.

Yu-Gi-Oh! games nowadays are alright, I suppose. You choose characters from the show to duel, then you do just that, but there are effectively only 3 screens: your deck menu, your opponent selection and your duel field.

But back in the day, when 5D’s was the new kid on the block, the World Championship series of games on 3DS were excellent. An overworld to move around in, 3-D character models in said overworld, story and plot, items and side-quests – they were like real-life RPGs. And I miss that greatly.

Which is why I went back and played them, just to practice for when the new 3DS game hits us (or at least Japan) later this year. Still, I can be nostalgic by listening to the first ending of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s (or the first opening – this week’s SOTW was a toss-up, both are excellent songs). I remember watching the first episode of 5D’s in sub and after listening to said themes, thought to myself, “Well, THAT’S not the Yu-Gi-Oh! I remember”.

And it wasn’t, it was way better.


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