Confession time


To save Kayano, they need to remove the tentacles, but to do that they must calm Kayano’s bloodlust to break the tentacles’ bond with her. Koro is willing to let Kayano hit his heart to calm her for a split moment for someone to calm Kayano so Koro can remove her tentacles, he gives is a 50-50 change that he would die first.

Kayano hits Koro and with that moment off guard, Koro grabs her. Nagisa comes in for a kiss to calm her down and Koro removes her tentacles.

Shiro reveals himself as Yanagisawa and has another assassin with him, but decides to retreat for now.

With that out of the way, Koro tells them about his past. Two years ago, he was the assassin known as shinigami and also, even if they don’t do anything, he’ll die in March, due to the tentacles, whether or not he dies with the earth is the main question.

He grew up in the slums with an upbringing only knowing how to kill, so he chose the path of an assassin killing until he was given the name ‘shinigami’.

But because he’s not ‘alive’ in terms of on any registers, he’s betrayed by his first apprentice, the current shinigami, and is captured for experimentation. The woman that monitored him during his ‘tenure’ was Yukimura Aguri, the person in charge of the research was Yanagisawa.

After times went by, he starts enjoying his conversations withwith Aguri. At that point, two weeks before the moon was blown up, Aguri takes on the current 3-E.


Y’know, if I didn’t know I was watching assclass, I feel like I would’ve been pretty annoyed at the random kiss scene. Not sure what this says about assclass, but that was weirdly funny and an interesting end to a not so heated fight after all. Reminded me of the book challenge from Gakuho as in they always build up a cliffhanger with good tension only to abruptly end it afterwards and make me think ‘oh, is that it?’ At least this time it was comical, and I guess that’s what assclass wants to remind us, comedy first, suspense second.

So I did one of my old predictions last episode of how I think Koro’s backstory would turn out given what we know and what hints they’ve given. And it’s actually surprising that I was pretty much on point. Sure there wasn’t much else that you could do from all the hints but I thought they’d throw a curveball somewhere. It was too ‘textbook’, not quite as fitting for an anime more known for its randomness than standard plotlines.

However through his backstory, I thought it opened up an even more interesting dynamic between him and Gakuho. The theme of teaching wasn’t that strong in the backstory as I was wondering apart from the promise to Aguri what else made him such a good teach or even consider taking on her promise? Well it seems like perhaps it’s a similar situation to Gakuho.

Remember back to when he asked the question to Gakuho whether he is teaching to pass on his failures, or his successes? Well it looks like the former for Gakuho, and maybe it’s the former for Koro as well. Koro’s always said that they were similar, I’m more inclined to believe him after knowing his backstory.

I do wonder about one thing though, were they looking forward to his backstory so much that everyone wasted a really good opportunity to kill him? Granted we know he won’t die considering we just started the second half of the series but they don’t know that. Could’ve given it a try, pretty sure this is the first time we’ve seen Koro coughing up ‘blood’ and so likely he’s at one of his weakened states. I can see him going into his defensive ball thing, but at least you’ve then got that on ‘cooldown’ if you will.

With also the revelation that Koro will die come end of term anyway, it means that there may be another way out of this world destruction without killing him. Perhaps the students will be able to convince him that he doesn’t need to. Sure assclass is mainly good at comedy, but I think something heartwarmingly sad is coming our way, I blame it on the ED themes, they always seem to have that ‘sweet sorrow’ feeling. But, without any other information I’m not going to make a guess on the end of the series, I’m just happy to see how it’ll play out.