Past Time


The relationship between shinigami and Aguri became much closer so much that shinigami’s smile became genuine towards her.

But at that time, a ‘tentacle infused’ mouse imploded and destroyed 70% of the moon. This would happen a year later if in a human, and Yanagisawa decides that he must kill shinigami before his tentacles blow up the world.

Aguri overhears and tells shinigami so that he can escape. But Aguri couldn’t convince him to be good and shinigami rips through everyone that stood in his way. Unfortunately in her attempt at trying to stop shinigami, Aguri is struck by a trap and dies leaving him her last wish to help those class 3-E children.

After hearing his story, the class finally realises how difficult of a task they have ahead of them, to have to kill a teacher as good as theirs. So instead of killing him, Nagisa wants everyone’s help to find a way to save him.


I think this has been one of, if not, the only time I can actually say for this series, ‘that was emotional’. I was half expecting some joke to break up the tension, but that never came and it held on for an impressive showing of good backstory telling. Even the class is affected, they’re doing a complete turn and instead of killing him, want to save him.

So thanks to actually knowing his story, I think all of our opinions of him changed. Although I’ll be honest, he was a lovable guy even without knowing his story, though of course in the anime, the lovableness has shone through more. Especially knowing that he actually never touched the moon and exploding isn’t his choosing.

I actually feel they could’ve easily done a couple of episodes as a prequel to this. The entire backstory was really good, and there were many parts that felt rushed and could’ve been expanded upon. Probably not something like a 12 episode series, but a couple of OVAs to flesh out some of the details might be helpful. Especially the relationship between shinigami and Aguri.

I have been saying that lately the story’s been getting a little old with the same repetitive storytelling of bringing a new assassin, or some random new assassination attempt by the classmates which are then foiled. With this the story is turned on its head, quite literally.

And I for one think that this is a lovely turn of events, and whatever the conclusion, to kill or save, it will be emotional.