Part 1

Ogremon runs rampant through the Digimon nursery, but is pushed back by Leomon, in the background someone resembling the Digimon emperor appears.

In the real world, all the Digidestined, except Joe, enjoy a nice trip to the hot springs with a festival attached with Mei.

During the night, Ogremon appears in the real world through a distortion. The government’s forces engage it in battle first but are unable to do anything until Leomon appears and drags him back into the digital world.

Part 2

With Mimi returning to school, she teams up with Mei to decide the theme for the class’ café at the school’s festival. Mimi wants an American cheerleader styled café.

However Ogremon appears again and Mimi and Mei move to engage it in battle. Everyone else, except Joe, arrive on the scene later. Izzy doesn’t approve of her actions and Matt curses Joe for placing more importance of his studying than Digimon.

Leomon later comes to visit everyone at Izzy’s base. He brings information about the infected Ogremon and also that it was the infections that came first then the distortions that opened the gates to the real world.

Unfortunately for Mimi, people at school saw her around at the Digimon event and ostracises her at school and also disregard her café ideas calling her self-centred. She runs out of school and meets Joe who’s contemplating his current cowardly self.

Part 3

After cooking Joe a midnight snack and being apologised to, Gomamon leaves Joe and stays over at Izzy’s for the time being without telling Joe. Izzy then receives a weird email with Digicode and tries to decipher it.

Meanwhile, the government figure out distortions might appear at the school’s festival and so they increase security.

The school festival opens, and Mimi recovers her energy from before and she and Mei still decide to dress up how they had planned for the café. Izzy rushes to the festival after seeing a picture of Mimi, leaving the Digimon in Leomon’s care.

But Leomon’s charmed into chaperoning everyone to the festival because they all want to check it out. Though without money they can’t buy anything, so they enter a costume contest to try and win the grand prize of being able to eat anything for free. Tai does spot them and tells Joe that Gomamon is here whilst asking Yamato to keep an eye on them. Joe then instantly leaves for school.

Part 4

Joe arrives and meets with Gomamon, but after a fight between them and Joe questioning why he needs to fight, he leaves. A distortion appears at the back of school and a shadow resembling Ken kidnaps Meicoomon into it. Palmon, Gomamon and Leomon give chase but the distortion shuts afterwards and no one else can get in.

Shadow Ken brings out what looks to be a dark Imperialdramon and Palmon and Gomamon try to fight it whilst Leomon is under the pains of infection and unable to assist. Joe luckily hasn’t left and is convinced by Kari to return. Palmon and Gomamon digivolve to ultimate and then to mega to win the battle. Meicoomon is returned safe and dark Ken vanishes.

But Meicoonmon remembers Leomon’s infectious state and freaks out. Mei’s digivice turns dark and Meicoonmon kills Leomon and disappears into another distortion.


At the start of the movie when I saw Leomon and Ogremon again, apart from some fond memories of the two, the main thing I remember was Leomon and his variants’ death in, almost, every Digimon season. So I joked with a friend of mine as we watched it together that it’s not a Digimon series unless Leomon dies. So I sorta saw it coming, still painful to watch though after that many Leomon deaths.

Speaking of the Leomon and Orgremon combo, I found it quite funny as though it’s two friends, with Ogremon very drunk and Leomon the designated sober one pulling Ogremon away. I could’ve imagined him saying ‘don’t mind my drunk friend’ and dragging him into a taxi home. I also find it ironic that Leomon has to chaperone all the digimon even though everyone else has the ability to digivolve to so much more powerful beings.

As expected from the poster for this ‘movie’, it was a Mimi and Joe focused episode. With one side’s strong personality clashing with everyone else’s and another’s troubles crashing on top of them that it hurts. Though if I’m honest, I felt they overdid Joe’s struggles a little. Like seriously, some of those pained looks were unnecessary, everyone got it already. The audience that this show is for will know, to some extent, what Joe is feeling. I know I do, although it wasn’t as much of a struggle with the parents I had, it was basically move forwards and succeed or fall behind and be ashamed of yourself.

Either way though, whilst Mimi was able to think through her issues with a little compromise, I feel that although Joe has found what he truly cherishes, his problems will continue. As I said, I feel I went through what he is going through, but I suppose I was lucky enough that I could move forwards. The real pain is the fact that he may be unable to, but going back to his childhood isn’t the answer, although there’s a possibility that it can lead to the answer.

I’ll say one thing though, Joe’s hasn’t grown up. If he’s grown up then he would have realised that we do things because we have to, not because we want to. There are no reasons for a lot of things, there’s also no why, but as adults we do what must be done, that’s growing up, that’s called having responsibilities.

Still though, makes you wonder how Joe got the crest of reliability doesn’t it, I mean, what reliability, being the one that doesn’t show up? But then you realise ages ago of course that it was a translation error and he should’ve had sincerity. That was of course given to Mimi in the dub but if you look at her translation it was actually the crest of purity.

Also, speaking of ‘purity’ there was quite a bit of bathing scene at the start, which obviously was pure fanservice for both genders, didn’t really serve much other purpose. Felt very strange, considering the last time I saw them I’m pretty sure they were at the beginning of their teenage years and fanservice was not really in anyone’s mind. Plus the fact that I was just approaching my teens as well and I can tell you I was anything but precocious. Nevertheless I’m sure some will have welcomed this and some won’t, I’m unconcerned and accept it as a, pretty much, mandatory part of most anime series.

With the final fight that digivolved Zudomon and Lillymon to mega, I’m sure everyone’s wondering what that’s about. It felt like a character development test, maybe to make them ready for what’s approaching they needed someone they knew to push them further. It worked well and we got more megas as I’m sure everyone is thrilled about after having seen the poster for the movie. I feel like that may be how the rest of the movies will be like, resolving teenage problems for all the kids so they can all reach mega for whatever storm is approaching ahead. I feel that’d fit the target audience too having only recently come through those troublesome years it’s something easily relatable.

I’m interested in the next mega level Digimon though, as you’ll probably be aware Digimon Adventure was one of the only Digimon seasons where the levels actually mattered. Sure it’s there in other series, but like in xros wars there’s nothing like rookie, champion, ultimate and mega, it’s just fuse a load together equals strong. Call me a traditionalist, but I really liked the levels and the power differences between all of them.