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Whilst some support Nagisa’s conviction to save Kuro, others are against it understanding that this bond of assassin and target is what holds their relationship so strongly, Karma for one can’t stand Nagisa’s half-arsed attempt at this and starts a fight.

Koro interrupts the fight and issues blue and red paintballs. Blue for those who want to save Koro and red for those who want to kill. They will decide in combat which side the entire class will stand on.

The class is fairly evenly divided on the decision and the battle begins, a simple capture the flag or wipeout the enemy battle. Karasuma will referee the match.

The match begins with both sides instantly having heavy losses from initial attacks. The mid game hits and Karma issues orders for hit and run tactics eventually witling down the forces so that they had a 7 v 5 advantage.

Karma commands his ‘troops’ to take position for the attack on the enemy flag, Nagisa has yet to be found which leaves a very uneasy feeling. Red side then win major skirmishes leaving blue side’s flag undefended, but when the last four, except Karma, decide to go for the flag, Nagisa appears from the sky and makes the finale of the battle a 1v1 showdown between him and Karma.


I did think it was gonna be way too easy if everyone decided to follow Nagisa without argument so I had a feeling this was coming. Especially with all the TCG anime I watch. I know exactly how you decide an argument in a show about assassination, an assassination game of course. And also, of course the game would leave Nagisa and Karma as the last ones to fight it going full circle seeing as these are the two with the strongest emotions behind the decision.

Sure it wasn’t Karma who started the argument for red side, but this story is also focusing on Nagisa and Karma’s relationship. It’s an interesting relationship, as the others have described, they’ve been friends for a while but don’t seem that close. It seems more like an acquaintance relationship and I’m assuming there’s a reason for this that will be explored more closely next episode.

Karma’s leadership skills are clearly on display here with his man management, which highly contrasts Nagisa’s pure assassination talent to hide,let the others do what they want and only show when needed. I find that ironic considering Karma’s strength and that in a head on fight no matter how talented Nagisa is he’s not going to overpower Karma. But we’ll soon see how that differs when it’s on an open field.

I actually enjoyed the tactical battles and decision making from Karma and how the show emphasises each person’s unique characteristics is as always well done. Although of course some people’s characteristics are easier to emphasise than others especially in open combat, probably why some were dead within in the opening seconds of the battle.

One other thing, since Koro now knows about everyone’s intentions, I wonder what his opinions are on whether or not they kill or save him. I’m sure as a powerful being, he must’ve researched into if there’s a way to save himself and I’m assuming the answer is no. That said, perhaps more brains thinking could find something. I’d be very interested if the class do decide on that route, and actually, what route they go down is still up in the air, this battle is not going to be decided easily.

Although if I know assclass, all this build will just result in a very quick unsatisfying end at the start of the next episode. I really hope that’s not the case this time because intraclass battles don’t occur a lot in this anime, in fact I believe this is the first.