Outcome Time


Karma walks into open ground persuading Nagisa to come out into open ground knowing that Nagisa can’t refuse or no one will accept the outcome.

Back in first year, Karma was someone Nagisa admired due to his ability to excel in studying and fighting. They became friends and started hanging out with each other but Nagisa knew he wasn’t on Karm’s. Karma was suspended from school for a period and when he returned they kept their distance and were normal classmates again. Karma kept this distance as there was  ‘something’ about Nagisa that freaked him out.

As the first spell of the fight finishes it’s clear that Karma is much stronger and much more durable that no attacks from Nagisa flinch him. The way the two win are clear, Karma enjoys the fight, then kills, whilst Nagisa is always looking for that one opening to secure the victory.

Karma pounds Nagisa into the ground but Nagisa strikes back and surprise choke holds karma into red team’s surrender. Karma and Nagisa reaffirms their friendship after the fight and will now work towards one common goal of saving Koro.

Karasuma has one condition, that they only have until end of month, after that they are to go back to assassination as there are still others after Koro and he prefers it to be this class that finishes the job.

To start the rescue mission, Ritsu hacks into labs worldwide to see if anyone is researching to save Koro. They find one research project by the USA but is being conducted on the international space station.

They have to find a way to peek at that information and decide it’s time to go to space. With a space craft that will go to space in the near future, their plan is to sneak onto it, get to the space station and steal the data.


I didn’t think the ‘missions’ for the class could get more ludicrous, but I was proven wrong. They now have to invade the international space station and steal some data. Sure you can train a bunch of kids to be sneaky and fight, but going into space, that’s out of this world. If they had all the time in the world then sure, they could’ve gone through the training needed, but seeing as they only have until the end of the month, that’s a tough ask. Plus they need to know how to land a spacecraft to get back, though I suppose Koro can guide them to some degree by being there with them. Either way, the story just went back to its ludicrous roots after a pretty intense episode.

And this Nagisa vs Karma episode definitely needed to be intense for it to work, for once I didn’t expect any jokey intervention as this was not a fight involving Koro. This was about how two friends can be so close, yet further apart than anyone else.

With last episode showcasing the difference in team management styles, or lack of, this episode shows their different fighting styles. Each well versed in their own styles, but the complication is whether or not their win will unite the class under them through their own free choice or because it is the rules of the battle. For that, the win isn’t an easy one for either side especially not Nagisa as he foregoes his style at the end to convince Karma to his cause.

The unfortunate thing for Nagisa is that even through his hard fought win he only has very limited amount of time to complete his new mission and to do that he has to attempt something extremely difficult. Even when thinking about it, Koro would’ve surely looked into ways to save himself, so I feel it’s unlikely that something shows up that will cure Koro, but regardless this is a nice ‘break’ from the usual assassination plotlines.

And also, an old friendship was reestablished, so it wasn’t all for naught. This friendship was one that I’m sure many have wondered about. We knew they were very different people a long while ago on many levels, so for them to become friends to begin with felt like it must’ve been an interesting event. Turns out it wasn’t that interesting, it was purely a meeting of two people who were intrigued by each other but not on a level where you could consider them friends.

It looks like due to that it was only intrigue that held their relationship together, it’s unsurprising that they drifted apart. Still though, they say that men needs fists to speak and understand each other, I feel that statement is quite true, even more so for two people to whom fighting is their life. At least at the moment it is.

After some intense fighting and change of atmosphere, I wonder if the next adventure for class 3-E can remain as thrilling? Probably not as I predict ridiculous plot devices and silly antics ahead.