Outer Space Time


The spacecraft will only be able to take two people so the class decides for Karma and Nagisa  to go. Then the operation starts to hack into the control systems of the facility of the spacecraft with Ritsu so that they can get those two into space and onto the space station.

The mission goes off without issue and Karma and Nagisa are launched into space. After successfully docking into the international space station, they find surprisingly little resistance and take the data. It seems more like the people at the space station just want to show the kids a good time.

After obtaining the data, they make their way back to earth and safely land at school.

The data received is overwhelmingly positive and actually there is a drug that can be created that will reduce the chance of Koro exploding to below 1% and it will also facilitate for him to live on and slowly evaporate over 90 or so years. However the decision is made to continue the assassination until the March deadline, if they do not succeed then they will be normal teacher and students, but until then, they’ll give it their all as the bond of assassin and target is still the thing that binds them together.


I was expecting something a lot more ludicrous and funny to happen this episode, but it was a surprisingly pleasant episode without many antics. Of course you have to ignore the fact that Karma and Nagisa took less than a month to get ready for a space exploration trip, in an unmanned spacecraft no less. But hey, I’ve watched assclass long enough to just go with it, not here for some realistic space heist, you can tell that by my surprise at how little hilarity there was as I was expecting a lot more things that didn’t make sense.

Also, the scene where they connected to the ISS was actually a cool scene mainly because I remember watching Stargazing live fairly recently and it’s a fairly good rendition of what actually happens.

Without the focus on random antics, the episode managed to deflect all our attention on the story, and the continuation of Karma and Nagisa’s rekindling of friendship. Fitting as they started the fight last time. The final decision to actually continue the assassination was interesting, seeing as they found a way to help him survive.

But again, it’s bringing the focus to the story, that this is a tale of a class of assassins and their target. Yes the flip your objective completely upside down with the attempt to save Koro was interesting, but I feel that for the anime to continue working, that plotline would’ve been difficult to keep going. It does feel like a strange u-turn, i.e. they thought oh this’ll be an interesting plot to do let’s flip the entire storyline, then was like, oh actually that doesn’t quite work, nope let’s find some way to change it back. I will consider it to be not that and it was a culmination of all the feelings of the class of wanting to save him, but realising that this is the best way to answer Koro’s teachings.

Plus if I’m thinking seriously about it, how would they continue the story if the decision was made to save him? Actually there would probably be a lot of ways, but still, my point is, it probably wouldn’t be as interesting. Unless in their attempt to save him, they’ll need to protect him too making it class 3-E vs. the assassins of the world. That wouldn’t be too bad but I would say that Koro can easily protect himself.

Regardless the story is back ‘on track’ again, perhaps the whole decision to save or kill was just their way of extending the series out a little more, of course it was way more than that, but in essence it could’ve been that, and all the character development around it was simply nice add ons. Anyway, with I think only two or so months to go, I’m expecting preparations to be in order for some really big assassination attempt to end this academic year.