Valentine’s Day Time


It’s now February and with term end looming, everyone’s considering their future plans and also the fact that it’s almost time to part is finally sinking in. Nagisa is unsure of his career choices, he has an idea of what school to go to, but after that, he doesn’t know especially with his weird skillset that isn’t needed in this time and age.

Entrance exams for all schools get underway and Nagisa decides to put off thinking about his future until afterwards where there’ll be another career counseling with Koro.

However February means Valentines and Kayano isn’t sure how to give Nagisa her chocolates, so Karma and Nakamura decide to ‘help’ her and observe the other couples in the class. Everyone does it their own way so Karma and Nakamura urge Kayano to do it her own way. In the end, Kayano decide to give it ‘normally’ deciding that she shouldn’t divert Nagisa’s attention and allow him to continue looking forwards.

Karasuma and Irina are out alone together and discuss the big assassination attempt coming up soon.

Gakuho visits Koro and invites him to stay for another year if he survives, but Koro declines and the two have a friendly chat.

Irina makes a point that it might be better for Koro to destroy the world if the class assassination fails. One because that feeling of failure will continuously nag at them, and two, if Koro is killed by someone else how would they feel? However Karasuma tells her to quit being an assassin due to her emotions for her students and invites her instead to live with him and work for the government.


I haven’t seen a more obvious calm before the storm episode for a while, but there’s definitely something big waiting to happen in the background. However for now, it gives a chance for a relaxing episode and gives everyone some time to think about the future, but more importantly, at least for me, about their romantic feelings.

We’ve never been given proper romance in the series, there have been hints and we know who likes who, but there wasn’t ever anything serious. Mainly due to how everything usually turns into some form of comedy and also assassinations keep everyone busy enough not to have time to think about romance. So this episode was very much welcomed and needed to solidify some of the pairings that were all knew was there.

The romance was so good that even Irina and Karasuma got involved with optimism that their relationship could work out after all. Can still never read Karasuma though, he could’ve meant the new job opportunity very earnestly with it being just a job. Or he could be suggesting something entirely differently, but hey, I guess if they’re under the same roof things can definitely happen.

After Nagisa declaring a while ago that he wanted to use his skills to help people, it’s obvious now that becoming a teacher was naturally the next step. The only unfortunate thing is I’m not sure his skillset will be beneficial. But perhaps here it’s saying that he won’t make the same mistake Gakuho did as he’s already strong enough and also learn from Koro and hopefully have no one betray him.

Gakuho had a very interesting chat with Koro, he basically implied that success or fail on the assassination the earth would be safe. And also the fact that Koro seems to have given his future the slightest of thought means that he’s probably already decided he won’t blow up the earth. Although of course the threat of blowing up the earth was never his choice anyway. So I guess this much is obvious in the end.

With this big assassination plot around the corner it feels like the anime is trying to buy a little time so that it can use the assassination attempt as a big finish and I’m all for that, I just hope it’s as big as it’s hyped up to be.