This song comes as I remind myself of how much I enjoyed IA’s ‘concert’ when she made an appearance at Hyperjapan Christmas market if you remember as mentioned when I blogged Children Record. I remember this song only because when I took videos of IA songs I only recorded the start of this one and couldn’t remember what the song title was even though I actually enjoyed the starting guitar riff. Either way, I met my friend over the weekend and everything became clear so this has been constantly stuck in my head over the last few days. So enjoy Setsuna Drive by IA.

Note: Not sure what’s happened with Raven as he’s very late and I’ve unsuccessfully tried to contact him, so to keep things flowing I’ll get my blog up now and he can fill in whenever he gets back. I can only assume he’s busy.

Speaking of which as am I, which is why Assclass is also quite late, but rest assured it’s on my mind, just to the back as I have other priorities.