Trust Time


All of 3-E manage to get into their top two choice of schools and so Koro is busy making a yearbook with pictures that Koro sneakily took during the course of the school term.

But it’s not all happy as Karasuma reports in for the government to put into motion their final assassination and a gigantic anti-Koro laser from space is fired. Even with a laser at light speed, Koro managers to dodge it thanks to his intuition.

So plan B comes into action creating an anti-Koro barrier around town through the ground so he can’t escape with ground troops launched as well. A national announcement is made that they have sent out troops to kill this monster who was responsible for the destruction of the moon and also he has gone undercover as a teacher and is holding a class of students hostage. All this because they have to wait two weeks before the anti-Koro laser can charge up for another shot.

Karasuma explains everything to the class and there is nothing they can do. But secretly, Nagisa believes that Karasuma trusts the class and so they decide to bide their time. The feeling’s mutual on both sides as Koro and the class want to see each other one last time.

When preparations are finally complete, the class sets off with three hours to go.


I was hoping not to be disappointed by the hyped up final assassination attempt, and I can safely say I’m not disappointed at all. Hardly an assassination anymore considering you’re using the most conspicuous weapon I’ve ever seen. Who uses a massive space laser and calls it an ‘assassination’? If anything it should be called mass destruction, though I guess it’s only designed to hit one thing.

My only concern, if you can call it that, is how are they planning to pin Koro down long enough to hit him? I’m going to assume 100% charge means it’s even faster seeing as a completely unaware Koro could dodge the laser, an aware Koro should easily be able to dodge it. Unless the 100% charge means the laser is supersized to cover the entire sealed off area. I guess there’re plenty of ways to do it. Slowly decrease the size of the barrier and then shoot into a confined space for a direct hit for example.

The unfortunate thing is that Irina is reduced to a floaty lovey joke. If you remember I had wanted her to be a bit more than a joke. It was nice that she’s able to close things with Karasuma, I’m still hoping for one last hurrah as she does operate independently and get involved in this final assassination, on the class’ side of course.

The comedy never fails to make me laugh and the photo gag was actually quite funny revealing some other sides to everyone and also I loved the flying spaghetti monster reference, if it was that, can’t be anything else I my eyes.

I liked that Nagisa finally closed his career aspiration decision with Koro, sort of like passing on  teachings by using their assassination skillset for good and continuing the legacy.

I also liked that the class is now faced up against the government, someone with more power, influence and resources than anyone they’ve faced before. The ante has upped so let’s throw the government into this who are more than prepared to put a lot of money behind this ‘project’. The one final hurdle to get through and it had to be the class’ biggest.

Speaking of hurdles, there is one other hurdle that I’m still waiting on, that is of course Yanagisawa. I don’t think he’d lie low and let the government take the glory so I’m expecting a meet up with him very soon. Hopefully Koro will finally settle things with him as well in a Koro like way, after all I assume vengeance was never on his list of things to do.

And also, the episode was unsurprisingly emotional.  Koro wants to see his students one more time which says a lot about how he thinks this government operation will go. The emotions were felt, especially with the lead in of the photos and jokes aside, it shows how much Koro values the memories he’s created. Even in grave danger he’s still focused on getting the year book complete. That could also be his trust in knowing the abilities of his students that they’ll be able to make it to him. Still though, I think whatever the outcome, we’re in for an emotional end.