Happy Birthday Time


Three hours until space laser charges and Karma takes command of the class in their assault to breakthrough to Koro. They do it without a hitch and take out all of the government troops.

The Laser will still fire as planned and Koro explains how perfect the plan was. He was expecting it as it’s not surprising all nations would want to destroy a creature as dangerous as him. He accepts the inevitable and is honored to be the target of all these resources.

Koro offers some life advice and tells his class that even if they’re not happy with how society is, they should get on with it. But they should consider their options and see what they can do if they’re not happy and stay determined to do something about it.

It is also Koro’s birthday which Yukimura had decided so Nakamura managed to carry a cake up the mountain with no damage. But Yanagisawa finally appears with his tentacle mutated shinigami who destroys the cake. Shinigami’s power is upgraded from Koro with speed levels reaching Mach 40. This does come at a great cost of a life span of 3 months.

Yanagisawa doesn’t stay a spectator and injects himself with the tentacles and is ready to give his life as well in exchange for power. With this onslaught Koro readies himself to fight to death.


You may think it’s a minor point, but I’m actually very sad that the cake was destroyed. Though probably wasn’t that difficult to bring it up the hill if you stay out of combat. Funnily enough it’s always things like this that gets to me, like someone dropping a cooked meal because something big happened or they are kidnapped and other similar events, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. All that effort, gone to waste…

The whole offence to get through the shield was reminiscent of the kill or save Koro battle, i.e. a showcase of the class’ individual abilities and of course Karma’s leaderships and Nagisa’s surprise attack skills. I’m not sure it was the best way to go about showing off everyone’s abilities as it’s a repeat of what was done before and sure it looked quite fun jumping around but I would’ve liked to see more planning to show organisation in the assault. Though being chaotic is more thematically fitting for assassins.

And speaking of fitting, having one of the class’ greatest enemies and Koro’s greatest and only failure as the final opponent in shinigami and the person who started everything in Yanagisawa is even more fitting to bring the story to a close in a full circle. Also Koro talks about going all out, which will be something fun to watch. Of all the previous battles I don’t believe we’ve ever see Koro pull out his true combat potential, mainly because it’s against students but also because I don’t think he’s ever faced an opponent more powerful than him so he’s always seen as relaxed and making jokes in the middle of battle. So it’ll be interesting to see him pull out everything in his arsenal and what other tricks he has up his sleeve. I think one advantage he’ll have is that he’s more used to his speed whilst as far as I’m aware shinigami #2 hasn’t had as much time under ‘tentaculation’.

It does make me wonder where that puts everyone else in class E though, I’m hoping that the outclassing of government military wasn’t the last say the class had in terms of combat. I don’t feel they can do much against powers even greater than Koro’s though, also it looks like Karasuma and Irina may arrive as backup, so perhaps some sort of sneak attack may be in order?