And here I am, proving I’m back on track with my posts. And this week’s SOTW is another instance of a band I love making me discover an anime I didn’t know existed.

‘Mouryou no Hako’ is what I understand to be a horror/mystery story, which when you watch the opening to the anime really doesn’t come across. ‘Lost in Blue’ kind of has a “dreamy” feel to the melody, and the opening seems to play on that, with some beautiful background visuals to it.

Still, it’s a story I’m interested in, and as always, may eventually get around to watching. The ending is also performed by Nightmare – ‘NAKED LOVE’ – which has a much better fit of an ending animation to the story.

Anyway, as a Nightmare fan, I love both of these songs, and have done since they were released back in ’08. So I’m happy I get to blog one as a SOTW.


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