Graduation Time


After the battle, Koro is out of energy and collapse. The class is aware of what they still need to do, no matter how painful it is, to be able to graduate from this class and keep their bond with their beloved teacher intact.

Everyone holds down Koro’s tentacles so that he can’t move and, fittingly, Nagisa will deliver the final blow to his heart.

Koro takes one last roll call of his class and bids farewell to everyone.


After the storm of battle, it’s natural that they’d now finally be able to focus on ending the series on an emotional note. I wasn’t expecting any dramatic finish like you might seen in a shounen fighting anime, but this was a little too low key. I get why it is, and I’m not complaining that it was a bad ending. I liked the ending, but it felt somewhat too calm, like going to sleep. Which I suppose is in itself quite fitting.

The roll call made up half the episode and had the most emotional impact given the anime’s ability to personalize each interaction and of course reminds us of how big the cast is and how the story had managed to make everyone unique and special. Sure there’s a main character and more minor ones, but everyone had a say, everyone was there with something to share. I liked the roll call, fitting thematically as a class and teacher, and fitting for the mass cast that they have.

What I didn’t like was that short interjection of comedy from Koro right before the roll call. Okay this is something that assclass has a tendency to do, but I’d say generally it’s always flowed, at least a little, with the rest of the episode and what’s going on. The massive advice books was fine for comedic effect, that gave it a good uplift at the end so we’re not drowning in tears and it fit well with the flow of the episode’s theme being graduation. The Koro interjection was too abrupt. I’ll accept it as an assclass specialty, even if I’m not a fan.

I had thought that they might try and somehow get out of killing Koro, but not sounding harsh, I’m glad they did kill him. Sure the space laser may have forced them whether they wanted to or not, but even without that they needed to kill him to bring closure. It’s more than completing their objective and more about the money. In fact I’m not even sure if they particularly cared about the money at that point, there are times where money is much less important. No, it’s the bond between them that’s important and must be kept.

And speaking of ties, passing teachings from student to teacher, it was fitting that Nagisa ended it all.

This was a nice episode to finish, and I’m actually surprised to see another episode scheduled. I can only assume it’s an epilogue so I’m not expecting as strong an episode, but I’d love to see what becomes of these kids that Koro taught so well.