Future Time


Class E graduates with the rest of the school and is escorted out onto a bus after the ceremony to avoid the media.

Time pass and changes come, the class E system was abolished and their old classroom was sealed off. The school also came under fire for putting its students in harm’s way and so Gakuho was forced out of his position, but no one doubts that he’ll likely find his way back in education again soon.

The class received their money, they used some to pay for their tuition, donated some, made one big purchase to buy the mountain and their old classroom and returned the rest as thank you to the government for their support.

Seven years pass and Karasuma and Irina are married. The students all gather at class E’s old campus for a reunion. Each of the class members use this big private space for their own things and it seems everyone is doing well on finding their own places in society.

Nagisa meanwhile, continues to carry his teacher’s legacy onwards.


As much as I hated Irina as shown by assclass, I’m very happy that the Karasuma x Irina relationship actually happened. And speaking of those two, when Karasuma mentioned a mission, I thought for a brief moment that Nagisa had switched his aspirations and decided to work for the government. I’m glad that wasn’t the case though.

As predicted last episode, this is more an epilogue episode with the series truly having wrapped up last episode. I love epilogue episodes, especially for anime that have an ending as emotional as this one. It just kindly reminds us that sure it was sad that your teacher had to die, but you know what, that doesn’t matter, life moves on, and it’s up to you to continue his legacy and not sit around wallowing in despair. Nagisa being the prime example.

The other thing it does is end the series on a slightly less downhearted note which for an emotional person like me, suits the best. Plus it’s good to see the class get along fine and still remembering Koro’s teachings and carrying on with their lives.

The school also comes together as Gakushu is finally a nice guy and decides to help his fellow classmates out. I’ll be honest, I was hoping to see class E show off their athleticism and escape themselves, but this is much better. Showing that old enemies can be today’s friends and being together is much better than being apart.

And to remind everyone of my point about money from the previous episode, guess they didn’t care about it that much particularly, again taking on teachings from Koro. Sure money is important, but some things are more important.

This was an enjoyable series, one that developed an interesting cast and had excellent story telling melded with generally good unique comedy that flowed with the episodes and fit well with the show. The anime has shown that it can handle the serious tones as well as its comedy. I’ve forgiven its less than good moments because overall, it’s a very strong series and definitely one I really enjoyed all the way to the end.