Here I am, 3 days late, because Sky decided that I don’t need my internet and landline after 12am, despite the fact that’s when I get home from work. So today’s my day off, and now I can finally do this.

Do not be surprised if there’s not much discussion here. I want to get this uploaded before Sky decide to cut me off again.

Here’s another ‘Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei’ theme. I love this series, and am extremely annoyed and disappointed that the manga wasn’t fully translated into English. Still, however, I can watch the anime. And when I do, I get great songs like this inserted into my brain.

SZS themes usually go along the lines of using hard rock and metal-like riffs paired with trivial lyrics. Although, in this instance, the last chorus does go into the philosophical question of what human life means, although it asks in more of a degrading way.

And yes, the opening animation IS very weird for a comedy series.


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