If you’ve followed me for longer than the last year or two, you’ll know that I used to do song blogs for the current season at that time, unfortunately these days there’s just no time for anything like that. Still, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to give shout outs to good songs from the season.

As you all know, an anime this season I’ve been waiting for is Zestiria. I’m playing the game and am near the end, just clearing out a lot of optional bosses for fun before finishing. It is also the anime I’ve chosen to blog, actually that’s a lie, it was my second choice. ReLife was my first but since all of the episodes got released at once I felt being already late on my blogs, it would’ve give me the excuse to be even later i.e. I’ll think I can blog it anytime as I have all the episodes anyway and that anytime turn into many weeks down the line.

Anyway, I have drafted the first two episode blogs of Zestiria, so they’ll be up soon, this doesn’t include the prologue which I’m not blogging, I’ll mention about that in the first episode blog. Also, it’s unusual I blog an anime OP this early in the season so I only have the anime edit, but it’s still very good. Here is Kaze no Uta by FLOW, anime edit.