Hey, look, I did one on time.

Well, with BLEACH nearing its end in manga form soon, I’ve been on a BLEACH theme binge. I remember the good old days, with BLEACH being the series that got me heavily into my manga, and to a lesser extent, anime.

Personally, I don’t think it gets the credit that its fellow Big Three companions in Naruto and One Piece get, even though the flaws that are said about BLEACH can easily relate to the other two at the same time. Still, I’m not one to force a series onto someone if they don’t like it, so to each their own.

For nostalgic reasons, I went with a ballad/pop theme, which are mostly endings. And since the Thousand Year Blood War arc that the manga is finishing on focused on Shinigami v Quincy, here’s an ending animation that showcases a lot of Ichigo and Uryuu.


Ending Edit


Full Version


To end, I’d like to thank Tite Kubo for creating such a great series which, whilst hampered slightly by recurring character archetypes and coincidental power match-ups, was a breath of fresh air that aided in the more mainstream global view of manga and anime that’s happened in the past 2 decades. I can’t wait to see what Kubo can come up with next.