Capital of the Seraphim


After escaping to some nearby ruins, Alisha wakes up to find a mural of the shepherd, one who with the power of the Seraphim shall exorcise the world of malevolence and save it. She is then attacked by a swarm of insects and manages to escape through a waterway system.

Alisha moves further into the ruins but lightning strikes out of nowhere destroying the floor beneath her and she falls off a ledge and loses consciousness. Far above her in the same ruins, Mikleo and Sorey also fall due to lightning.

As they fall below and continue their exploring, they notice Alisha on the ground and go to help. When she wakes up, she asks if Sorey is the shepherd.


You’ll notice that I didn’t blog the prologue, I’m pretty sure I said this at some point, but I don’t blog prologues/epilogues and also filler episodes, I’ll also be behind by 3 episodes if I did blog it, which I might do on a whim some other time, but not now.

However I do want to mention that as someone who doesn’t like CG in with anime, this was extremely well done and made me rethink where I stand. If all other anime do CG this well I definitely wouldn’t mind. So give the prologue a look if you haven’t, would also help to know how things go to this episode, unsurprisingly…

Also, that scene at the start with the insects and Alisha reminds me of a similar scene from one of the mummy films. It is seriously creepy and revolting. Bear in mind this is coming from someone who is all for eating insects as the future of farming and food. But hey, if they’ve not been farmed properly and dead and made into biscuits I’m probably not going to eat it yet… gotta change mindsets first.

Just a short note, for all those who haven’t played the game, the game’s story actually begins when Sorey’s on that high platform swinging about, so actually anything up until then I’d call a prologue. I’m unsurprisingly quite familiar with the names and setting of the story, but I’ll patiently go through it again anyway.

A brief overview of the prologue last episode would be it’s a world in trouble and Alisha is trying to fix it whilst a load of other side stories are going on around her. And this episode we hear about this ‘shepherd’ who has the power to save the world and are introduced to the two enthusiastic explorers in Mikleo, a seraphim and Sorey a normal human.

Not much else was really done here, so I’ll leave it at that and not give away too many secrets of the story, especially on the first episode. But I will say that it was a fairly slow start of any games I’ve played to get to the main story. Still, we’ve only begun, nothing to complain about here.