Worried about Alisha, Sorey brings her back to his village, Elysia where the Seraphim reside. Seraphim can’t be seen normally by humans but Alisha still tries to communicate to ask for their help to save the world.

Sorey gets a telling off from the head of Elysia because he went against the rules and brought another human in. But he wants humans and Seraphim to coexist.

Alisha’s from the capital of Hyland, Ladylake where a sword in a rock exists and legend has it that whoever can pull that sword from the rock shall become the shepherd.

To avoid malevolence from Alisha, they decide to let her stay until she’s ready to leave and so Sorey keeps an eye on her and they run around some ruins together. Sorey fully believes in the story of the shepherd that the shepherd will arrive to quell the darkness of the world.

Alisha tells Sorey her name, that although she can’t see them she has felt the presence of the Seraphim and that the trial of the sword will be held in Ladylake soon to see if anyone can pull the sword out. She asks him to participate.

As soon as Alisha leaves, a strong hellion appears who seems to have been chasing her. Knowing this, Sorey decides to leave Elysia to help her and Mikleo comes along.


This part really confused me when I started the game mainly because there wasn’t really explanations about who ‘Sorey’s people’ are and also their significance. I’m going to give a very brief explanation so if you don’t want to spoil it, though I promise you it won’t spoil much, then don’t read the next paragraph. The reason why I want to explain it is because I felt the start of the game would be some much easier to understand if you knew a few simple things. Though I guessed that’s a way to try and get people to play the game again

Quite simply, whilst Sorey is a human, he is living with things called Seraphim, which are like spirits that wield amazing powers. Seraphim cannot be seen by normal people, only those who have strong, I think I remember it’s called ‘influence’, can see the Seraphim. Probably remember the name incorrectly, but whatever. So if you’re wondering about the scenes where Alisha sees nothing except Sorey, this is why. That’s all I want to say, the rest can be explained by the anime.

Also, I’ve not thought about it when I was playing the game, but pulling a sword out of a rock sounds very familiar… King Arthur is of course what I’m referring to. Not that it’s unusual for anime to use western folklore, but I’m just surprised I never picked it up when playing.

I was thinking, actually for a human, Sorey sure can move and after taking what looks to be a lot of damage as well. Bearing in mind that he only has a ceremonial sword as well, definitely no ordinary human at the very least. Some random thoughts here, again something that didn’t really occur to me in game either during the first battles, because it’s not something normal you’d think about.

Anyway, we are still in the introductions and explanations stage of the story and so nothing much has happened yet. If I remember the game correctly and how much I think one episode will cover, I’m not sure that even next episode will start the main story. But no matter, after seeing the gorgeous animation of the fight scene, I’m very much happy to enjoy the scenery for now whilst I wait for them to get to Ladylake and the main story to kick off.