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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or in an unfortunate country where a certain Pokémon app isn’t released yet, then you’ll surely have noticed the huge worldwide phenomenon that is Pokémon go. And as you all know I’m already a huge Pokémon fan but thanks to this game it’s brought a lot of nostalgia for a huge population of the world when the Pokémon phenomenon first hit 20 years ago, which was the release date in Japan. Not quite as lucky in the UK, but 2 years later, I believe, isn’t that bad.

Pokémon sure has come across some big changes with the main game changer in recent years being mega evolution and now we’re getting different versions of the original Pokémon in the upcoming Sun/Moon games as well. If you’ve been keeping up with the updates you’ll know what I’m talking about, such as for some reason a long neck = dragon.

Anyway, you’ll have guessed by now that this week’s SOTW is a Pokémon song because who doesn’t love Pokémon, at least the original 151. Of course I’ve already blogged the first one, but the original theme has been rehashed many times. If you don’t watch the anime you probably won’t know, but the most recent rehash is the first theme of X and Y arc and I really enjoyed it. So that’s what this week’s SOTW is, the TV edit and the movie extended are both available below. Here is Pokemon Theme (Version XY) by John Loeffler.

TV edit

Movie extended


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