The Sacred Blade Festival


Sorey and Mikleo arrive at Ladylake and meet a group of merchants known as the Sparrowfeathers who help them get into the city because they don’t have passes.

Once in the city, Sorey spots the hellion who’s after Alisha and gives chase. He tells them that whilst he won’t kill Alisha, others will as there’s a request for her assassination, he’s just there to enjoy the show. The assassins after her are the Scattered Bones.

Meanwhile Alisha is with her teacher, Maltran, on the final day of the festival on the sword in the stone is. Sorey watches from afar and notices a Seraph sitting in front of the sword seemingly waiting.

Alisha gives a speech asking for peace, but the fears of the people gives rise to more and more malevolence in the atmosphere until it manifests itself as a dragon hellion attacking everyone in the building and setting it on fire.

A member of the Scattered Bones takes this opportunity to attack Alisha but she’s able to fend them off.

The Seraph by the sword is Lailah, Sorey tells her that he believes in a world where Seraphim and humans can coexist. Lailah warns him about a life of solitude if he chooses to pull the sword out and become a shepherd, but Sorey accepts and pulls out the sword to slay the dragon with Lailah.


And we end the intro section of the anime with a bang. A very pretty bang too, I’ve complimented Zestiria’s animation quality before and I’ll happily compliment it again seeing another, short, but good battle in excellent animation. Not to mention the artistry in the scenery shots. They looked like they deserve to be on a canvas hanging on the wall of some mansion somewhere.

For all the attention I’ve been paying the animation I may have missed out on explanations. I don’t believe they’ve explained Malevolence or if they have I’ve missed it, so I thought I’d just put a quick spoiler free description of what it is here. Basically it’s negative feelings from people that make humans or seraph turn evil and into hellions.

That shouldn’t spoil anything considering it’s basic information and should be known by everyone anyway. I will also make a note that I’m using all the English names for things because surprisingly I’ve actually chosen to play Zestiria in English and not Japanese. I started it on English to see what it’s like and didn’t bother swapping back. So I’m most familiar with the English names of various terms used.

Another thing is that I’m watching this to remind myself of the story. I played the game with pretty big intervals in between plays due to exams and work and so actually have forgotten a lot of the story at the start, and also forgot who a lot of people are. So thought this is a good time to remind myself.

Whilst the storytelling felt a little slow without much happening in the last three episode I haven’t actually felt it to be a problem. The battles and execution of the storytelling has made it feel very engaging even without plot moving. I mean even in this episode where Sorey arriving in Ladylake and becoming the shepherd *cough king arthur cough*, was made so entertaining, at least for me, just to see his excited country bumpkin face. Reminds me of a Chinese drama I’m watching at the moment called A Deadly Secret, if anyone knows it.

Either way, we kick off Sorey’s journey soon, looking forward to plenty more to come!