The Shepherd’s Destiny


After three days of fever, Sorey finally wakes up. Alisha thanks him for what happened in the church and dons him with a shepherd’s outfit.

Lailah and Mikleo also manage to have a short conversation with Alisha through Sorey.

Alisha takes Sorey into town where banners of the shepherd has started appearing as people hear of his ‘arrival’. But due to the malevolence around, Sorey’s feeling their ill effects. He also detects malevolence in a ruin nearby and so decide to investigate whilst Alisha attends a meeting where the heads of state want her to hand over Sorey to them.

In the ruins, they find the source of the malevolence to be a pile of skeletons of people who rebelled and perished. Their regrets and hatred turned into this mist of malevolence. Lailah explains that Sorey’s mission is to eliminate all sources of malevolence, the largest source being the lord of calamity. Lailah wants Sorey to travel the world and build the knowledge and resolve required to face him.

The malevolence grows fierce in the ruins and it starts to cave in so Sorey makes his way out only to stare into a ferocious storm outside.


I have to say, the animation is on point in this series, apart from how amazingly smooth it is, the hue of the scenes also fit well with the themes. It’s been a very dark episode giving natural foreshadowing to the events. Like the council and that huge storm.

It feels like one of those typical dark stories you read about how everything on the outside is all bright and hopeful whilst the truth of it all is that something dark is embedded in the core of society. My mind jumped to Akame first when they showed Tatsumi the dark truth of society. Whilst quite well done in the tone and colours used, it was still completely expected, and we all knew about how the council’s trying to undermine and overthrow Alisha as well.

Although the setting is fairly similar, I’m going to assume the way to solve things here isn’t through assassination. The council sure want it to be, but I’m sure Sorey will have something to say about that, and hey, sometimes you have to get rid of those you can’t change.

I was hoping to see more ruin exploration as that’s what Sorey and Mikleo are good at, I guess you can’t be underground for too long with a huge storm approaching.

Next episode looks likely to be about what they’ve been talking about for the anime series, i.e. people beyond Zestiria. In the op, the lead characters for Berseria was shown, so I can safely assume it’s them. The only thing I’m concerned about is if they’ll keep the story mainly Zestiria or will they transfer over to Berseria to advertise their new game. I plan to get Berseria at some point so I’d want Zestiria again rather than have any major spoilers to Berseria.

Other than that, there weren’t any major plot movements again apart from solidifying what we already know of the role of the shepherd in a dark world of malevolence and also what kind of role Alisha plays in the political battlegrounds.