The Dawn of Chaos


This episodes starts with a woman by the name of Velvet Crowe detained in a dungeon, she’s looking for revenge against someone called Artorius.

Having been there for 3 years, she finally escapes when a helper comes breaking all barriers around the dungeon. Velvet finds out that Artorius is in Rogress, Kingdom of Midgand.

On the way out of the dungeons, they meet another escapee, Rokuro Rangetsu, who join them to get out of this prison island by boat.

They reach the highest point of the prison and Velvet jumps down the side of the cliff only to see an enemy ship approaching.


Right, as I had expected, mostly from unwanted spoilers I saw here and there, that this episode is definitely not Tales of Zestiria. It is however Tales of Zestiria related as the series of events here, I believe, happened before Zestiria’s timeline in the same world. We are now in the realms of Tales of Berseria, the kind of prequel game to Zestiria that was released last week in Japan, Q1 2017 for NA and EU, if you’re wondering.

As I said, I do plan to play Berseria when it’s released next year so I won’t mind a sneak peak, but I do mind major spoilers. So far it’s only the beginning, nothing revealed here and I’m aware that there should only be one more episode of Berseria related material so I think I’m safe that it’ll just be a teaser and nothing more.

Fairly straightforward opening of Berseria as well, woman looking for revenge and somehow gather together a small group and escape to track said man. I’ve not played many Zestiria games, but some of the ones Ive played all had a short prologue of sorts before the main events. I feel that this is the prologue and Velvet’ll eventually somehow get on shore and continue the journey there to start the main game.

Whilst I wanted to play the game anyway, the questions that the episode gave rise to makes me want it more. Like this Artorius guy and the dragon eating that boy. Some interesting history there. Otherwise it was just a shorter episode than the others and as I said earlier, set up a fairly straightforward storyline.

Also, if you’re wondering about that song near the end of the episode that looked like it could’ve been Zestiria’s opening theme. Well you might be interested to know that it is actually the game’s opening, the only difference is that this one has vocals whilst the game one doesn’t. Funny thing was when that played I honestly thought my PS4 had somehow turned on on its own.