Velvet Crowe


Velvet and Seres descend near to the boat to see a man named Oscar Dragonia appear out of it, a high ranked exorcist. He is here to keep Velvet here so that she can keep killing daemons as ‘the world deems’ to be her fate.

They battle but is interrupted when a dragon appears. Seres sacrifices her life to save Velvet gambling on that she will bring down Artorius. Seres allows Velvet to devourer her and so gains her power. Together with another character, a sorceress by the name of Magilou and Rokujou, Velvet takes out the dragon and sets sail for land.

Velvet remembers back to the time when Artorius took her brother, Laphi, away and again refocuses herself onto revenge.


With the preview looking like next week’s episode will return to Zestiria, I assume this will be the end of Berseria’s introduction. It’s a strange place to put an advertisement for a new game, but I guess it’s their anime they can do whatever they want. In terms of getting attention, the middle or the beginning is the best, but seeing as this is Zestiria’s anime it wouldn’t be proper to put it at the beginning.

Of course I’m not saying that’s right or wrong in the middle, purely depends on the way you look at it. From those who just wanted to enjoy the anime it was wrong but I felt the need to direct it to the company’s point of view who want to advertise their just released game and the episode also lined up nicely with the release date. As much as I dislike the random interruption, I don’t mind it as much as many of you probably will, but I guess that’s because I’m looking to eventually get the game anyway and I also have Zestiria and know its story too.

The dragon fight this episode was quite entertaining and actually made me focus on the episode more than I usually do with how intense it was. The only other anime to do that recently was rezero and nothing else for quite some time, if you’ve seen rezero you’re probably thinking I’m way over exaggerating. Maybe I am, but I felt the tension.

Also, again if you’re wondering what the music video near the end was, you can safely assume that it is indeed Tales of Berseria’s game opening. I remember it from a trailer I saw a while ago. I’d say the advertising has worked, at least for me, then again, I was gonna get it anyway, so I’m not sure I’m their target audience to begin with.

The only thing I’m hoping now is that this actually has a relation to Zestiria and tie in somehow rather than be purely an advertisement. The name of the show is ‘cross’ after all, surely there will be some ‘cross’over? If not, I’ll be disappointed. Although of course, I know if the two relate or not having now played through all of Zestiria’s main storyline, but I won’t spoil.