To Each His Own Thoughts


The huge tornado approaches, housing a huge dragon in its eye. Sorey stands strong in front of it without knowing what to do, but luckily the dragon stops and flies away bringing back a clear day.

Whilst Sorey didn’t actually  do anything, the fact that he was there has given the rest of the city people hope. Lord Bartlow sees this and invites Sorey for a meal. He wants Alisha to be there but she is ‘shooed’ off. Lord Bartlow wants Sorey’s ‘help’ from now on, but fails to win him over as Sorey is to head away from Ladylake. Lord Bartlow is fine with that, and also is preparing for war.

Lailah tells Mikleo of a ‘Divine Artifact’ and he goes to the Galahad Ruins to retrieve it without telling Sorey. Alisha and Sorey discuss further the dragon and a mountain named Rayfalke Spiritcrest where it should be. But first, Alisha is sent to Marlind, and Sorey decides to accompany her and branch off towards Rayfalke on the way.


And we’re back to Zestiria without any warning. Berseria sure came and went quickly and very much like something that was thrown in on a second thought, i.e. ‘oh we’ve got the next game coming out, and we’ve got Zestiria anime too, why not chuck in a few random episodes to as an advertisement?’. I’m sure it was much better planned than that, but it sure feels like it was an afterthought.

No matter, this episode did give much more of a rest to the story after two fairly intense Berseria combat episodes. This one’s more serene about those who want to save the world and setting off on their travels. What the episode felt like it wanted to do was get the characters to their destinations and leave it at that. How the episode then goes will depend on the how ‘filling’ of content the journey is. Which here isn’t that great. The hellion appearing was kinda okay, but I felt it was a random insertion to fill time more than anything else.

Also, again I’m amazed at how I’ve missed another obvious King Arthur reference in ‘Galahad’, being one of the knights of the round table of course.

Not that interesting of an episode, I mean sure the visuals were great as usual with the scenery, but unless it’s ‘art anime’, which I don’t think exists, it’s hardly going to carry an episode. Either way, at least everyone has arrived where they want to be so I’m hoping the next episode something bigger will happen. We at least get to see the sarcastic and witty parasol lady. I may not have any favorite characters in Zestiria, so to speak, but I do like Edna more than the others.