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The War
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Alisha Diphada
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With the current season wrapping up very soon I thought it’d be fitting to make this week’s SOTW yet another anime theme from this season I’ve been listening to. I have already written SOTWs for my two favourite themes i.e. Brave Freak Out and Kaze no Uta so this will be my third and completes a top 3 themes of this season list which I would’ve loved to blog separately if I had more time. But nevermind, that’s just how things are.

So here is Paradisus-Paradoxum by MYTH&ROID, 2nd OP for Re:Zero, and whilst I’m here I’d like to give a shout out to that anime, because I haven’t been that glued to my screen in a long long time. Especially as I usually like to watch anime whilst doing something else.

And also I want to mention that I haven’t seen an anime that’s been able to produce an episode filled purely with conversation that can still be engaging, also in a long long time. Give it a watch if you haven’t, I highly recommend it.

Update: I’m very aware that the new season is starting soon, my aim for the next week is to slowly write up my season preview. It has been late last few times and may look that way again due to tight deadlines the coming Friday. Hopefully at worse it won’t be later than the week after and only episode 1s will have aired by then. If anything that might help me decide on what to go for. But yeah, that’s the current situation.

The Plague Town
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Still staying slightly relevant with the series here, as this SOTW is for an anime from last year.

The manga ended in ’95 though…

But hey, Parasyte is kind of a horror/sci-fi classic of a manga, so an anime theme was bound to come along eventually. And the theme’s even by my favourite electronicore band: Fear, And Loathing In Las Vegas.

…Not much more to really say here. I still haven’t seen or read Parasyte even though I keep telling myself to, and I love the band who wrote the theme. That’s about it.


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