Rayfalke Spiritcrest


Sorey advances up Rayfalke Spiritcrest only to be thrown into a fight immediately and we are introduced to the new member of the squad in Edna. When the hellion they fight seems too strong, another new character, Zaveid, appears to shoot it down. Both of which seem to recognise Lailah.

Zaveid kills the hellions as his fighting style rather than purifying them like Lailah.

As they talk, a dragon appears. The dragon is actually Edna’s brother, Eizen. A seraph consumed with malevolence will turn into a dragon, and at that point, purification is useless.

Even without enough power to fight the dragon, Sorey still tries with Zaveid’s assistance. They are beaten badly but the dragon flies off at the sight of Edna standing up to it and exits the battle.

Sorey wants to find a way to save Eizen even though it seems impossible. Zaveid walks away from this saying that he’ll come back if they ever want to face Eizen again.

Meanwhile in the Galahad ruins, Mikleo finds the artifact he’s looking for, a bow, and uses it to take out the hellions that start surrounding him.


The anime sure likes to throw the viewers into things without much warning or explanation doesn’t it. It wasn’t like this in the game, the buildup was the walk up to the place and you get various conversations between the characters to built up the tension and anticipation of that dragon appearing. But here, you’re straight into a fight. I can’t help but think that if they didn’t have the Berseria episodes it would’ve been much better paced, but whatever.

I would’ve liked to see Mikleo’s self exploration, or at least more of it than just him walking around, finding a bow and shooting a few hellions.

The other thing is how fast the characters appear, I don’t know if the anime assumes we’ve played the game, or know enough to throw away any sort of an introduction. But I’m sure first time watchers will have some issues as to who these two seraph are. Especially when Zaveid just waltz off after one episode. There’s also not that much information given on Eizen and how he’s a dragon. Though you can probably guess. Whether they’ll save Eizen or not will not be something I’ll comment on as it’s very hard to give an objective opinion/prediction when you know the answer.

Also, I mentioned I quite like Edna because of her sarcastic nature, but Zaveid was also an interesting character. Whilst he does sit in a cliché category of characters that bring contrast to the main character ideals, his overall image was actually much better done. Basically, instead of the usual we need to create a contrasting character to contrast the main character, and create him for only that purpose. Zaveid has much more of a deeper story that makes him this way. I hope the anime gets to show that because I’d hate it for people to lump him into the wrong group of characters.

Still, I can’t take away from the episode the best part of it. Which of course was the dragon fight and Eizen himself looked amazing. That scene when he appeared and descended on the group felt almost like I was gonna be thrown into the controls to take care of the battle again in the game. Unfortunately I guess that was the only redeeming part of the episode, fortunately that did span most of the episode and it was still highly enjoyable for someone who loves well animated dragons.

Next thing to fix now though is the bridge to Marlind and Alisha’s mission. Hopefully they’ll slow down a little for the non Zestiria players to be able to take in and grasp what’s going on.