Apologies for the delay, work has been burying me and I’ve had little time to look at blogs. Yes, even struggling with one little SOTW. Nevermind, I have great hope that things will calm down when October comes round and the new anime season starts. Speaking of which I will do my preview on that soon too, not even had a look at anything for that yet but in due time.

This week’s song comes not because I like the song, or was even aware of it, but because a friend of mine who loves Pikachu has decided to play this every single time we meet up so it’s now annoyingly stuck in my head. It is annoyingly catchy and so I thought I’ll spread the infectiousness onwards. I will say that it did bring me a little smile whilst watching the full video. Hard not to with that many Pikachus dancing around…

Here is Pikachu’s song by Ikue Ohtani.

The full song