The Plague Town


The bridge to Marlind has been destroyed so Alisha hurries off to find another route to deliver the medicine she has but unfortunately the next bridge down is also destroyed. She moves further on.

Sorey, Lailah and Edna talk about Sorey’s conviction to purify hellions and what it means to him.

Mikleo meets a Normin called Atakk who he saves from a hellion and they decide to travel together.

Sorey arrives at the first broken bridge to meet an Ouroboros. He defeats it with Edna and clears the storm. During the fight a Drake also appeared but backed off into the direction of Marlind. With Edna’s earth powers, Sorey creates a makeshift bridge and rushes to Marlind. But when he arrives, he sees a ghost town wrought with disease brought on by the drake.

There’s a great tree in Marlind where the drake wants to nest so Sorey attacks first but is unable to pin it down. Mikleo jumps onto the scene and armatises with Sorey to shoot it down from the sky with an arrow attack.


Some big changes from the game’s plot, and the pace feels weird. I think I am heavily influenced by the game’s storyline though. But it’s not just the pace, it also missed out on some backstory, well mainly Atakk’s story. Everything so far is more or less the game’s contents except maybe skipping details here and there and also changing the order of story events. I guess they must feel Atakk isn’t ‘big’ enough to be properly introduced.

Even still, it feels that the story is being rushed a little and the hellion battles aren’t taking as much importance or prominence. Of course not with the animation, but more with the build up and the combat itself. So far only Eizen’s given Sorey any trouble. The rest seem fairly easy. Again, my opinions do come from that there was always a bit of a journey and tension built by the game before these big hellion bosses, so maybe biased.

It’s perhaps the fact that they tried to split time between all the separate stories going on so each part seemed very underdeveloped and shallow yet so much then seem to happen. However, everyone is now back together this episode, so we may now get a bit more ‘fuller’ storytelling as it moves on with the entire party and not jump around randomly without truly developing anything.

Whilst I won’t spoil the game’s timeline of events I do want to give you the details on Atakk’s story. If you don’t want to know for whatever reason then feel free to skip ahead of this paragraph. I’ll be short, Atakk was first found in the game in a museum on the outskirts of Marlind. The museum had a lot of nice artwork which people started burning and stealing. Also you’ll have to excuse me if I’m not too sure on the finer details as I haven’t played the game or been back to that part of the story for months. Anyways, Atakk was then consumed by malevolence due to all the destruction of art around him and he thus became a hellion that killed all of those people. Luckily Sorey came by and purified him. But yeah, don’t think he’s so cute now do you?

I thought I’d give another bit of info in why he’s called Atakk, it’s because in the game Normin can bestow your equipment with extra stats and attributes. So quite simply Atakk will put a +4% attack buff onto your weapon, hence the name.

Also I found it hilarious that the Japanese call drakes dragon puppies. I mean call it what it is I guess, but it makes them sound cute, which I like. Because I think all dragons are cute to some degree. Either that or I’ve been watching too much how to train your dragon… and probably playing too much Pokémon because Dragonair is beautiful and if you didn’t know, Latias is my favourite Pokémon and she is adorable.

I think I’ve commented enough on how amazing the animation quality is so I won’t bother with that anymore unless somehow it takes a nosedive. Which is not the case this episode, the animation is at top quality as always especially on the combat. I’m starting to question if it’s more an art anime or something to that degree now…