Alisha Diphada


With the drake down, Marlind recovers and with the help from Mikleo, Sorey purifies the town’s water supplies first. The purification of the drake also brought back Rohan, the Seraph that protected Marlind.

Supplies arrive from Ladylake to help the people of Marlind and Alisha takes charge. Rose from the Sparrowfeathers finally introduce herself as she arrives helping with the transport of supplies.

News arrives from the castle that Lord Bartlow has ordered troops to Glaivend Basin, where the border to Rolance is. Alisha plans to intercept Lord Bartlow’s force and gets ready to set off the next day.

Sorey wants to help on the battlefields but Lailah stops him. She doesn’t think he fully understands what purifying people means. However they find a human turned hellion and Sorey successfully purifies him meaning he had to take the malevolence in the person himself.

As night falls, Sorey visits a man’s grave who was killed by the hellion he purified earlier, and the Scattered Bones take this opportunity to attack Alisha. They fail the kill and the leader of the Scattered Bones reveals herself as Rose, who in the end agrees to help Alisha logistically with the power of the Sparrowfeathers.

Meanwhile, Sorey has made up his mind and will still head to the battlefield.


The big revelation this episode is of course the leader of the Scattered Bones, however seeing as I’ve known that from the game I’m finding it really difficult for me to comment on. Sure I can try to remember back to how I felt back when I first found out in the game, but the thing is I don’t even remember this being revealed in the game. I must’ve been doing something else at the time and wasn’t paying attention. So actually when I realised she was the Scattered Bones leader it was more of a ‘oh cool’ reaction. Weak I know, but again that’s another reason why I’m watching this, to see what I may have missed out because I was multi-tasking heavily.

The other thing I wanted to say something about was the pacing of the story again. I think this is some bias coming in from someone who knows the jist of what’s going on, but I felt that it was an improvement this time round. However I do realise quite a few things happened in a short space of time and maybe if I didn’t already know what’s going on I would be confused on the developments which is some of the comments I’ve been reading.

I do want to say how hopelessly naive Alisha is. She’s in a dream world if she believes she can just go there and tell everyone to stop fighting. This is a war that will happen and she will have no power to do anything when she gets there. I hope she realises that sooner rather than later so she won’t waste her time and maybe even wastefully gives away her life if it gets to that, because she seems very prepared to die for her cause. Rose seems to have come around to that cause though, perhaps she sees the good intentions and wants to help but more as a protective guardian. This at least shows that although an assassin, Rose understands what’s important and what is the right thing to fight for. Kinda defeats the point of a murderer for hire, but let’s just go along with it.

Interesting side effect from Sorey, taking in all that malevolence to be able to purify. This kinda reminds me of Charlotte when Yuu Otosaka went round the world to absorb everyone’s powers and went insane at the end. For Sorey’s sake, I hope he doesn’t go insane and turn into a hellion like everyone else tainted with Malevolence. But that path of loneliness isn’t something he can avoid. Seeing that much darkness in people will surely change someone. Perhaps somewhere down the line he can find someone else like Alisha to share that pain with to ease the burden.

Still though, the anime sure doesn’t paint a pretty picture for him. I have to say the game was much brighter, not necessarily happier, but a little more cheery. So far it’s been nothing but disease, disasters, deaths and darkness.  Which all begin with D, 4Ds that will only bring misery. And the atmosphere is certainly helping, feels like so much foreboding everywhere you turn. I have to say, the anime’s done a good job on this part of the story if nothing else.