The War


Sorey leaves Rohan to protect Marlind and heads out with Alisha to Glaivend Basin. Alisha plans to use her troops to wedge between both sides to force a truce and is prepared to fight her own people. Sorey agrees to help.

But Rolance strikes first from behind and the war kicks off much earlier than anticipated. Alisha attempts to talk with Hyland’s main general as Sorey heads to scout out the battlefield. What he sees isn’t a pretty sight with malevolence spreading like wildfire and hellions being born every minute. Still wanting to stop this, Sorey jumps into the battlefield and tries to purify as many as he can.

Unfortunately he only manages to stop a small part of the war as fighting rages on. Also at this moment Sorey senses an enormous about of Malevolence from a single source, The Lord of Calamity.

Alisha is ambushed on the way to the general and has to leave her men behind to hold off the enemy to try another path with Rose. But the general, Landon, refuses to listen and attempts to capture Alisha instead. Due to Alisha’s reluctance to kill her own people she is eventually wounded. Rose protects her and is helped out by another Seraph who takes out everyone in the room.


I have to say, they’re building this up very nicely as a cliffhanger to go into a second season.

Also, I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a theme of the series, but there’s so much naivety. Like Sorey thinking he can purify everyone. Did he not hear that there are 20k troops from Hyland? And certainly there’s going to be just as much if not more from Rolance. 40k people, and you want to stop them as a one man army? Even in Dynasty Warriors this would be such a grind… Sure you got powers but even so.

This reminds me of a WuXia series I watched, it was one of Louis Cha’s and if you’re not familiar with WuXia, it’s basically a few people with amazing Kung Fu skills that can take out dozens upon dozens of people with their skills. But I remember on this particular series a group of the strongest people gathered to, I think it was, either to stop or defend against an oncoming army and realised that they themselves might be able to beat several hundred troops but against much more superior numbers they have no chance and are in need of proper military tactics. It’s basically the same here. Sorey needs more of a plan than brute force.

Then there’s Alisha’s naive belief that she herself can also stop the war with a miniscule force and a useless title of princess. It kinda reminds me of how politics is in the real world. People want to make changes, and everyone says that your voice matters, but no, it’s the voice of the masses that matter. It’s not the power of one, it’s the power of everyone.

I guess that’s what character development is here for. I’m sure eventually this naivety will be grown out of. And even if it doesn’t, I’m sure they’ll then gain enough power somehow to be able to stop whatever they want to stop in some way shape or form.

For Alisha, perhaps that’s Rose, pardon the pun, but she’s definitely not looking at the world through rose tinted glasses. I guess being an assassin helps a lot, killing people would at least allow you to see the darker side of the world. Being stabbed in the back may do the same, but Alisha seems moronically adamant on her beliefs and still doesn’t want to harm her fellow countryman. Maybe this will be her development, maybe it won’t, but either way, I hope she keeps at least some faith in her own people after this.

Both Sorey and Alisha have now seen darkness, Sorey through the malevolence he takes on and Alisha through stabbed in the back. Now we’ll see how much resolve they have not to fall into darkness themselves and hold off becoming a hellion. Because if I was in their shoes, I would’ve lost my way or at least have lost my faith in people if any of that happened to me, especially being stabbed in the back by a fellow countryman after having just saved another one. That hurts, in more ways than one.