The Lord of Calamity


Sorey decides to give his greetings to the Lord of Calamity and continue his talk of righteousness and purification of the world to make it somewhere where humans and Seraph can co-exist. However Sorey is able to get past the vast amounts of malevolence and the Lord of Calamity exits the battle.

Rose gets Alisha to safety and leaves her with Maltran to get to Sorey. After they both return to Alisha, she’s recovered enough to stand and Sorey completes a squire pact with her naming her Melphis Amekia, Alisha the Smiling, so she’s able to see the Seraphim.

As the three of them go their separate ways, they have a final battle with Landon who reappears as a hellion and is purified by Sorey. Alisha heads back to Ladylake and Sorey agrees to go to Rolance with Rose and her seraph friend.


As you know, or may not know in which case I’ll enlighten you, Zestiria will be receiving a second season hence the cliffhangering nature of the ending. Still it ended in a complete way that has left me on a satisfied note.

We are introduced to the new member of the seraph elemental family, the wind one. We didn’t get his name but I’m sure that’ll be quickly remedied when the new season kicks off. What’s more interesting is that Rose can clearly hear seraph without Sorey’s aid, unlike Alisha who did need help but is now able to see them as well thanks to their new pact. I thought that she could see too when the Seraph appeared, but with the last scene I’m not so sure anymore. With the pact now being a thing, I feel it’s very likely Rose may receive a similar treatment, especially when she already has a seraph following her around and they’ll be travelling for a little bit.

I don’t think any of us expected him to be able to take out the Lord of Calamity, in fact I was expecting him to be beaten to a pulp. But the Lord went easy on him and just set thousands of flying malevolence on him. Maybe it’s because the Lord wouldn’t feel it’s fair considering Sorey is pretty beaten up after being weakened fighting off two parts of an army. Or maybe he just wants more of a challenge. Whatever the case, Sorey survives his first encounter, I’m sure they’ll meet up again at the same spot, at the ending of the season, but of the sequel.

The Lord raises an interesting point, Sorey’s doing something for the benefit of everyone, but the something he’s doing is because of the people in the first place. It kinda reminds me of the government, doing everything ‘for’ the people choosing the best approaches, but no one wants to accept that it is for them. The only question is if it’s actually the best… I had a rant coming here, but I then started reading some manga and it fizzled out, so I won’t bother with that.

What I will do is look forward to another well animated season of Zestiria. With many more characters to introduce I’m sure, especially that army guy from Rolance, he seems like a good guy when he called for the medic squad. Only because I’m assuming he called it for both Rolance and Hyland troops. Either way, with the amount of times he’s appeared and the ‘main character’ look he has, I can safely assume he’ll be involved later in the series in some way.