Note: Because this was actually so long and took a while to write, I’m going to split this into two blogs, this one being the synopsis and the second being my thoughts, so you can skip this if you just want my thoughts.



Part 1 – ‘Episode 09’

Since going rogue, Meicoomon disrupts several airports causing malfunctions on planes.

Mei’s still suffering from the trauma of Leomon’s death and Izzy doesn’t help by treating his questioning like a police interrogation as he’s desperately trying to pin down the cause to stop this ‘infection’.

The government is also looking into the incidents but not making much progress. Matt visits them to obtain more information however although they cooperate, they lie and tell them that Ken is fine and do not tell them that Meicoomon is causing havoc.

Part 2 – ‘Episode 10’

After some convincing from Joe, Izzy finally takes a nap after countless sleepless nights. TK also comes to visit and all the Digimon come out, but as TK holds Patamon he notices that Patamon’s been infected and takes a bite out of his arm before returning back to normal. TK says nothing to the others and takes Patamon home. Due to this, everyone else decide to take their Digimon home for a bit too.

Mei looks to have recovered and Takeru tells her the truth about Patamon. Patamon also seems to know the truth as well and asks that if he becomes like Meicoomon to kill him.

A blackout  occurs in the city and a message is sent out to everyone to bring forth a time of destruction as Digimon will be released into the world.

Kari picks up a strange call even though her phone was off and is suddenly hypnotised.

Part 3 – ‘Episode 11’

Patamon can’t keep it secret much longer and tells the other Digimon that he’s infected and also that if it comes to it, to take him out.

Hypnotised Kari tells the Digimon of the dangers that the human and digital world is facing and the digital world could cease to exist. She tells them that a sacrifice will be needed to prevent this and that the next time Meicoomon appears time will stop. This sacrifice is what is called a ‘reboot’ to restart the digital world so the infection disappears. However this is a last resort as it can cause many complications. This will be decided by Homeostasis, the being that talked through Hikari.

A reboot would also mean that all the Digimon lose their memories because they’re effectively reversing back to the beginning of the digital world

Knowing all of this all the Digimon go to their partners and spend as much time as they can with them and we notice that all of them have been infected.

Part 4 – ‘Episode 12’

A distortion forms and Meicoomon appears. Everyone arrives and try to force her back into the distortion but Meicoomon digivolves to ultimate. They eventually get Meicoomon back into the distortion. TK finally lets Angemon join but he succumbs to the infection and friendly fires.

Izzy’s still working away to figure things out and has come to a conclusion that Meicoomon may have been the cause of it. He finally rushes to the fight just as everyone apart from Greymon becomes infected.

Greymon digivolves to Metalgreymon to hold the line but then a countdown timer starts. This is the reboot and finally, all is revealed to everyone about it. Izzy does have a plan however and creates a backup data field where he can at least preserve all the Digimon’s data. Kabuterimon is finally sent in to back up Metalgreymon but is instantly taken out and reverts back to Tentomon.

He refuses to back down though and continues to fight with everyone including a now infected Wargreymon against him and digivolves to Herculeskabuterimon. The clock ticks to zero and he fails to send them back to the backup data field.

Part 5 – ‘Episode 13’

A week goes by and nothing happens. But when everyone finally make up their minds they all decide to go to the digital world together again.

Mei doesn’t want to go with them because she knows everything was her fault. TK understands though but she still refuses to go.

The original digidestined safely travel back to the digital world and are immediately caught in the crossfire of a battle between Alphamon and Jesmon but they manage to run away and hide from it.

They hear the sound of a whistle and following it, run into the in-training versions of all their Digimon.

Meanwhile, the person who looks like Ken actually reveals himself as Gennai to Himekawa who appears to have followed the digidestined and from another distance, Meicoomon quietly watches everyone’s reunion too.