I definitely hold the sentiment that some things are much better not knowing. Like for example you blindly like this person who then tells you they like someone else. If you never knew then you wouldn’t be sad about it and if they never get together at all then all the better and you needn’t have thought anything of it. But if they do, then fair enough you might just accept it. But I feel in both cases not knowing would’ve been better… Or is that just being an adult? We hide things from people, we always think about what’s right and what’s wrong, never being as carefree as we used to be.

Though that’s perhaps biased and looking at only one particular situations In the majority of other situations it’s much better to know something, be prepared for it and make plans. Rather than being in the dark and have to face it head on and also risk other people being annoyed at you. Who knows, there are good and bad points but I don’t think there’s a right answer as to what to keep inside you and what not… I don’t know, I just wanted to put my thoughts out there.

Seeing as ‘Ken’ was actually Gennai, that does explain why he would want to abduct Meicoomon as he could very well have known all of this may happen if he didn’t. But unfortunately and fortunately he failed but gave more of them the power to get to mega level. Ultimately it was unfortunate as Meicoomon survived, but I guess he keeps on trying to guide everyone in the right direction if he’s the one who arranged this reunion.

And I just remembered, Skullgreymon happened, so you shouldn’t force anything and the infection feels like pokerus, that spread is fast and only outside. I assume that’s why it spread that they all came outside and not stayed in Izzy’s safe computer, i.e. like when you put pokemon in the computer. Hmmm, I guess it wouldn’t be surprising if Pokemon and Digimon took some inspiration from each other. The only thing is that it makes sense to put digital monsters into a digital world like a computer, but putting Pokemon, actual living beings in a computer is weird.

Agumon needs to stop talking, it’s hilarious, it’s always an interesting thing how they act so differently in different forms. Like when Leomon was the guardian when they visited school, even though all of them can digivolve to much stronger forms. Though this topic probably has been visited many times, so I won’t dwell more and leave it there.

Also, Gomamon was so brutal, you’d think he’d be a little nicer, but he went there. He ripped Joe apart. Still, pics or it didn’t happen… but somehow I feel it’s not that an important thing for the anime, even though I’m sure it’s a huge thing for most Digimon fans. It’s definitely a big thing for me, we better see who she is before the ‘series’ is over, or many of us won’t be happy…

And speaking of brutal, the way they’re portraying the connotations behind growing up is also a bit brutal. I mean so far it’s all just bad things, i.e. the real life consequences of the battles, the exam pressures and needing to performance, and the angsty arguments you start having with friends because a lot is changing and you don’t fully understand it all. The show’s not included anything good about growing up, the only thing I see is Joe finding love, although the anime refuses to show us more about it. Also, speaking of growing up, I noticed how differently they animated angewomon to back in adventure 01, you can tell exactly that they’re going for an older audience although I won’t forget that animation quality has also increased since 15 years ago.

Keeping on the brutal theme is of course the story of the episode itself with the entire squad facing infection and, at the end, amnesia. What a cruel twist of fate this is, you think fondly back to the days of your childhood adventures, you then see those creatures you befriended those years ago and now it’s like you’ve never met them. This was very sad, I thought that with Herculeskabuterimon he’d push them back into the back up field, but this isn’t the Digimon I remembered in all its shounen glory. No, it’s taken the dark turn that makes us all die a little inside. I guess it could just be me and the melancholic mood I’m writing this in.

But with the reboot isn’t the problem resolved? Obviously not considering there are still so many issues and questions around, like the appearance of Jesmon fighting Alphamon. I always wondered what Alphamon’s significance was in this series, and I may not know everything about Digimon, but I know enough to know that Alphamon and Jesmon are both part of the Royal Knights. Alphamon being some sort of special case I believe?

Jennai’s also back as discussed earlier, why is he involved and why is he young again? Was that the reboot? And then of course, why was Himekawa there too and what relationship do those two have? If you’ve ever played Digimon Story Cyber Slueth you might know what I’m tlaking about, but for some reason I feel that Himekawa is very similar to Kyoko, could that explain Alphamon?

Meicoomon has also appeared again, she doesn’t seem to be infected anymore, but she also doesn’t seem to be ‘normal’ either. So I don’t know what the reboot did, but it certainly didn’t reset everything, and there are definitely more questions to be answered and the full plot of the series to be revealed. For one thing, I still want to see the real Ken and friends from 02.

I will leave this blog saying one thing though, stay positive guys, they can’t escape from adventure 02 ending!