Right, there’s a short story for my SOTW this week. I was fairly ill last week and so decided to take the bus to work on several occasions, usually I walk. And I was actually so tired from my illness to a point that I fell asleep on the bus. Although I wouldn’t say that’s unusual as I can fall asleep anywhere and I don’t need alcoholic assistance either. Anyway, as I was nodding off, Tabibito no Uta was playing into my ears and for some odd reason I was just imagining myself doing a bit of a dance to it and as I fell asleep I dreamt that I danced to it. The dream was very strange as I was dancing with several people but we were dancing on water and I just remember admiring the rippling effect of the water whenever anyone’s feet would touch it.

Though unfortunately Tabibito no Uta by Penguin Research wasn’t even well known enough to be posted onto youtube or any other video sharing website so I’ve gone for the next best thing which is the song of the single it came out of being the opening of ReLife. So sadly here is Button by Penguin research standing in for Tabibito no Uta. Give it a listen if you get the single!