Hesitation Flute


Practice continues as normal, but right before the band’s training camp they all get a break and Kumiko and group decide to visit the pool. Unfortunately others in the band are also there, but they find excuses to separate themselves.

Nozomi is also there and Kumiko takes this chance to chat and understand her a bit better. She tells her  second years left and now she just wants to help Asuka somehow. She chats more about the events of last year and also about the others in the year who didn’t leave so Kumiko understands the situation better.

Taki introduces another person, Satomi Niiyama a very young and good looking musician, to instruct woodwind. This of course stirs up a lot of conversation in the band which is not pleasant for Reina.

Kumiko is still thinking about Nozomi but is interrupted by Mizore who couldn’t sleep. She tells Kumiko how she hates competitions as there’re a lot of biased involves, but when asks why she’s still continuing with this band she answers that she doesn’t know.

Not able to keep her feelings inside, Kumiko decide to confront Asuka about Nozomi.


It wasn’t hard to top the first episode given its faults, but still, this episode improved tremendously, but I’m not quite sure I’d say the anime is back on form yet. That was going to be hard to do when it was a half pool episode, I’ve never known pool related episodes to be anywhere near as good as non pool episodes. As it’s summer in anime land, and unfortunately not in England, we have to have it still.

Luckily it wasn’t just about fanservice, the pool conversations continued what we believed to be the main focus of at least the start of this season which is the conflict from the prior year. We find out a little more about it and a little more about Nozomi too. Knowing more about the conflict doesn’t really help much. Bringing it up at this stage already feels late as it feels like one of those times where something was mentioned a long time ago and we all had an interest which has now died out.

It’s like if there’s some interesting gossip going on and there’s that moment where you really want to find out more, but if nothing comes your way and you forget about it then you’re not that bothered to find out at a later stage. That’s what this whole scenario feels like to me in any case. It was an argument between second and third years and people left, so what, is my next question. Which looks like it’ll take on the form of the reasoning behind Asuka’s non acceptance of Nozomi joining. I do hope there’s going to be a deeper reason here than maybe Asuka and Nozomi not seeing eye to eye.

We’re again treated to some Kumiko x Reina, which I’m still perfectly happy with, but as before they both like other guys and Japan’s famously reserved on this topic I don’t think this is going to be some big breakthrough by KyoAni for same sex relationships. I’d love it if it happened to a more mainstream anime like this one and actually, with the appearance of Satomi this could end one of the unrequited love story. Now just need to end the other one… regardless if nothing too big develops on this I probably won’t mention it again, unless it gets really annoying i.e. we know it’s not going to happen yet they continuously tease it.

Euphonium has stepped up a little after what I thought was a lot of wasted animation time in the first episode. I wasn’t particularly interested in the current conflict when it was mentioned last season and that hasn’t changed. So let’s see how they can attract my interest.

What I am interested in is Satomi and Taki’s relationship. I feel that that would be a great drama avenue to go down especially with all the mentions of Reina being mature and a well played out love triangle is always excellent story. If they really want to go a romance drama route that would be great and they can also take account of Kumiko x Reina. Or perhaps that’s why they’re building this up?