Troubled Nocturnes


Practice continues on as intensive as ever and Kumiko arranges a chat with Asuka for after dinner.

During practice, Yoroizuka was picked out for being too expressionless and playing like a robot and Reina decides to ask Taki during the fireworks if he’s going out with Satomi.

After dinner as Asuka had promised, she stays behind for a chat and Kumiko asks why she won’t allow Nozomi back in. She explains that the reason is that the only oboist in the group, Yoroizuka, can’t stand Nozomi but Nozomi still thinks that they’re friends from their old school. So, she’s unable to tell Nozomi the truth that she’d rather keep Yoroizuka in the band or their hopes for nationals will go downhill.

During the fireworks, Masashiro lets slip only to Kumiko that Taki was actually married before but his wife died 5 years ago and he became depressed. Meanwhile Reina asks Taki about Satomi and finds that Satomi is actually married.

Kumiko keeps both pieces of information secret but finds it hard to keep it all in and can’t sleep. She goes for a walk and finds Yuuko and Natsuki talking and eavesdrop. She is quickly discovered by Yuuko and they have a chat about Nozomi’s situation and also how Yuuko doesn’t agree with competitions in principal but doesn’t like casual playing either.

Having had barely any sleep, Kumiko starts practice early to find Asuka playing alone in a field.


We can all see clearly the theme of this episode, and it’s basically turned into a normal gossipy group of girls. Sort of anyway, that’s how I see it. I’ve always liked following my own philosophy of ‘ignorance is bliss’ and if you don’t know something it can’t hurt you. As I’ve been through that sentiment before with a rant let’s not do it again and go with what I’m saying for now. Maybe in this case it’s best Nozomi didn’t know anything, must be painful for Asuka as she’s probably carrying a large burden on her shoulders. She is directing more hate at her from Nozomi but avoiding any conflict, overall looking at what’s the better outcome for the band.

This is was I enjoyed about this anime, this is what I can relate to, even in the working world gossip spreads like wildfire and I feel that it’s probably best to have nothing to hide, there are always ways to find things out and not many can keep a sealed lip forever. With plenty of alcohol around I think even the tightest of lips become a little lose.

We’ve all been there, knowing something we perhaps shouldn’t and something that will likely hurt someone if we don’t tell them yet we feel that we have an obligation to. It’s always an interesting decision what you choose and it should be always on a case by case basis. Perhaps keeping it quiet is the best way for this, it feels the most ‘optimal’. But then if you tell Nozomi maybe she can mend a broken relationship where she felt that her and Yoroizuka were still close.

Then there’s the Taki’s secret that Kumiko struggles with. I’m sure Reina is happy Taki isn’t going out with Satomi but will this new secret change her mindset? This is a different kind of gossip to be held in. I don’t particularly think there’ll be any harm done if Reina knows, the likely outcome is she might back off a little in which case this could give Kumiko x Reina some traction. It’s quite a surprise but actually, explains a lot about Taki, like his focus on work and his disappearance from the music scene, if I recall.

I really liked how they expanded on Yuuko this episode as well. Personally she felt like a typical bitchy villain type character without much other purpose apart from to draw our disdain. But actually, she has some good solid thoughts on the situation and I really liked her opinions on competitions. Ones that I really agree with, but maybe that’s because I’m an accountant and prefer something logical and explainable. Hence why I can’t see how the result of something can depend on opinions, because I see opinion as something that shouldn’t be wrong unless it is factually so. As an accountant a number is a number, and I sure don’t pretend to be a musician, but as far as I’m aware a good musical performance can be many things. She obviously understands more than she lets on, and I love the depth they’ve built into her in one conversation. But her character is still emphasised very well through that straightforward stubborn exterior.

I’m glad to see the anime back to form, I guess it needed a bit of a warm up first. This was a great episode and what I’m expecting for the rest of the series so hopefully it continues like this.