Rainy Conductor


The concert band announce at their performance in their school festival that the nationals will be at Nagoya at the end of October. Afterwards Kumiko and Kousaka browse around the festival together visiting fellow band members in their respective class stores. Since the Kansai competition, Taki has gained more fans and is being swamped at the festival.

As the festivities come to an end a typhoon hits, things aren’t as happy back home for Kumiko. Her sister returns home and has decided to drop out of college causing a rift between her and the family. Unable to handle her sister, Kumiko steps out into the storm for a walk.

She meets Taki at a flower shop picking up flowers. Kumiko quickly catches on when she sees that Taki has his ring on and tries to exit, but the wind breaks her umbrella.

Taki gives her a lift home instead and during the awkward journey, Taki tells her a bit more about his wife. Hashimoto and her were in Kitauji together in the concert band with Taki’s dad as advisor and they made it to nationals. Apparently they never got gold and so when Taki’s wife became really ill, she still fought through to achieve gold in college.

Kumiko finds out the next day that the flowers that Taki had, in flower language means ‘I’ll always be thinking about you’.


After their grand performance last episode and making it to nationals, we get a short interval as the members of the band enjoy a well deserved break at their school festival. Although they look like they’re working more, just not with the band. They only rested for half of the episode, with the drama kicking off again fresh and a new arc looking likely on the horizon in the second half and especially at the end ending on an interesting cliffhanger.

And it looks like the next episode or episodes will be focusing on Asuka which as you know has become my favourite character. The one that keeps a happy jokey face and acts as if everything is fine. She’s still as funny as ever this episode with the fortune telling scene, but it was obvious from earlier in the episode that something else was going on underneath.

I do want to make a comment on this season so far though. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I feel like I remember season one flowing better. Sure we still have the drama, but this season follows a very standard arc/segmental approach, breaking up each conflict into different parts of the season. It feels disjointed because of this and I’m certain season one was better as there was a more central conflict that was being explored throughout the season.

Whilst I don’t think the anime’s lost its touch with executing drama, it doesn’t feel as good when it’s jumpy and each of the conflicts are short enough that you don’t have time to connect or fully understand it.

Still, the series doesn’t fail to keep my interest with all that’s going on, especially as said before next conflict is Asuka related. Plus Kumiko’s difficulties at keeping Taki’s wife a secret from Kousaka. But I keep thinking that nothing will come of it. Taki’s wife, still not named I might add (unless I’ve forgotten it..), doesn’t feel like she has much importance. We find out more here and there but it’s always on the side. I feel that it might be a catalyst for stopping Kousaka’s love interest. Otherwise I feel like we could’ve done without it, it doesn’t add that much apart from side drama to fill up time, unless they decide to shift focus onto that topic, though I can’t see a story from it.

There’s the family issue for Kumiko as well, and with everything else feels like a lot for any teenager. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has a massive outburst at some point like this episode except bigger and probably at her sister, which would be understandable. When you’re bigger sibling, who would be a role model first and foremost comes back with this type of hypocrisy, I’d be pretty pissed off as well and would want answers.