Station Concert


With further practice for nationals and a small concert coming up, it appears to be too much for Asuka’s mum to handle and she comes to school to personally complain and hand in Asuka’s resignation form for the band.

Taki refuses because he can tell that Asuka doesn’t want to leave. Asuka refuses her mum’s demand for her to leave as well resulting in a slap across her face. She takes it unnervingly well and leaves the room with her mum calmly.

The story quickly spreads and the band is shaken. But Asuka returns the next day continuing as if nothing had happened. Kaori and Haruka try to talk to Asuka but she brushes them off. However, since then, she hasn’t shown up once.

A month passes and it’s rumoured that the vice principal has accepted Asuka’s resignation, but Taki denies it firmly. Haruka gives an inspirational speech to calm things  and shows her leadership.

They continue as normal and play at the small concert without Asuka, but she does show up to cheer them on.


As expected this was an Asuka focused episode. And the more I watched the more I like her. I’m aware of how bad family troubles can become. It’s a battle between her passion and her parent, yet she’s still able to muster out a cheery face all the time as though nothing happened, it must hurt so much inside. Building up a wall like that to keep in her feelings and not let others enter must’ve been hard as well, it’s not natural and not healthy either. Still, even though her face is bright and smiling I’m not sure the rest is in sync.

I guess it’ll take a while before someone like Asuka will let others in, again I still feel like I understand her and if so, then I know exactly how difficult it is for her to open up. It’s not comfortable for others to meddle and you want to deal with it yourself to not trouble others. But in the end, I think everyone has something inside them that is crying out for help. And it’ll take more than a good friend to notice this.

This is then of course an issue when you suddenly disappear for a month. You’ve led everyone to believe you’re perfectly fine even though you’re not, although I have to say this is the perfect example of someone saying they’re ‘fine’ when they’re not, if you know what I mean. Then people start to worry more than if you told them what was going on. Still, she manages to show herself at the concert and yet again puts on a brave face.

With Asuka gone, Haruka has really grown. I think we all know, including everyone in the anime, that Asuka should’ve been the president, but I guess for personal reasons, she’s unable to do that. Haruka always seem unsure of herself and doubted whether she should be the president. I’m glad to say that she’s stepped up to take her position with only a bit of hesitation and rallied everyone well in the absence of her friend and their leader.

However the anime decides to end it on a cliffhanger not for Asuka, but for Kumiko’s sister. I’m pretty sure Asuka’s problem has barely begun. I wonder if Kumiko’s sister could be linked with Asuka somehow and hence why they’re pushing both of these drama storylines together. Unlikely, but a possibility.