First Love Trumpet


After a few days it becomes clear that Reina is avoiding Kumiko. She tries to ‘coincidently’ meet her, but only gets brushed away.

With Asuka’s absence, she finds that she’s become a little rusty and works hard to catch up.

Reina calls Kumiko out later and it’s clear she’s angry. This is because she found out about Taki’s wife and is annoyed that Kumiko didn’t tell her. So Kumiko fills her in on the details.

But with this much in Reina’s mind, she’s unable to focus in rehearsals. She rehearses alone for a while to catch up and when she and Kumiko return the keys to Taki, Reina asks Taki about his wife and finds out that Taki still loves her. Because of that she settles her feelings and fully focuses on winning gold for him and plays stronger than ever.


Apart from the random insertion of how Mamiko is doing, this episode was all Reina. I feel like the anime’s never dealt well or at all with romantic relationships. And I think this episode proves it quite well.

I’ll be honest, I’m can’t pinpoint the exact reason why this doesn’t work, I think it’s a number of things. Firstly being the thing that I said I wouldn’t mention again unless absolutely needed, i.e. Kumiko x Reina shipping feels much more natural than this. Secondly because Reina’s personality is hard to match with Taki’s, her prideful sulky tendencies that reflect her age of a teenage girl. Thirdly it’s one of those relationships that’s hard to believe in to start with due to the premise of a teenage girl liking her teacher, i.e. more likely puppy love. And also I guess Reina’s not one of those charismatic characters that’s easy to like and get behind… oh and plus that Taki’s wife doesn’t sound anything like Reina, just the word energetic is enough to know that and her smile is better than anything I’ve seen from Reina.

Still, I do understand how she feels after she found out about Taki’s wife, we’ve all been there in some shape or form. And the small flashbacks helped, but only a little, in conveying some more of her feelings.

I remember saying that Reina wouldn’t be able to tell anything from a picture, i.e. that the girl could just be a friend. But she confirmed it with other people. Speaking of which, she sure knows how to snitch when she said it was Kumiko who told her. Pretty sure she found out for herself… Not that it’s a big deal anyway, just saying.